Wrap-up: Oxnard defeats boys’ water polo 3-12


Credit: Josh Ren/The Foothill Dragon Press

Joshua Modglin

The boys’ varsity water polo team played Oxnard High School today and was defeated with a final score of 3-12.

Two players did not attend the game, but according to Coach David Wallace, “[Foothill] played very well.”

“Even with [two players] missing, we had one of our best games driving and playing Counter attack defense,” said Wallace.

In the second quarter of the game, Foothill held Oxnard to one goal, and “moved the ball effectively on offense.”

Sophomore and field player Parker Harris threw a right-hand sweep in the final quarter, which is a sweeping shot low to the water, in contrast with an overhand throw usually seen in water polo, thrown towards the goal.

Senior and team captain James Florez drew a double ejection, or when a two players on one team are taken out of the game for twenty seconds for being too rough. However, Foothill was unable to score during the double ejection.

Wallace said that he looks forward to the upcoming games of the season, and Foothill’s second game against Nordhoff High School of the season on Wednesday.

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