Wrap-Up: Second victory against Santa Clara High School


Credit: Josh Ren/The Foothill Dragon Press

Mallery Kinnun

Foothill’s girls’ tennis team beat Santa Clara High School today with a score of 12-6 at the school’s home courts in Santa Clara. This is Foothill’s second victory against Santa Clara out of the two times they played against them.

Their win today gave them a record of nine wins and two losses overall, and eight wins and one loss in league matches.

The girls will play a make-up match Wednesday against Villanova High School, which coach Brad McClain says is “top priority for now.”

The team needs to win against Villanova in order to secure their second place spot in league. Their match on Thursday against Thacher High School will determine first place.

“Today we traveled with the full squad thanks to helping parents,” said McClain. “It worked out great.”

The Dragons got a good lead early in the match, leading Santa Clara by eight points, which allowed McClain to put his substitutes in the match. All players participated in today’s match.

McClain said that he left senior Lea Menesklou in to finish the third round against a “good number one [player]” from Santa Clara. “She played great and won six to four,” said McClain.

The team received half of their points from the singles players and the other half from the doubles teams.

“Everyone played hard, which is what I expect from my players,” said McClain. “Then there are never any regrets.”

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