Wrap-Up: Girls’ basketball defeats Carpinteria 78-31

Aniah McKenzie

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On Thursday, the Foothill girls’ basketball team defeated Carpinteria 78-31 on their home turf, Ventura College.

Coach Jason Edgmond believed that nothing “unusual” happened but the team did have specific things they can do better.

We can improve by getting the ball in quicker on the inbounds. We want to keep [the] tempo fast,” Edgmond said.

In order to improve upon these specifics, the team is going to continue practicing.

“We need to practice [the pace of the game] more, and then [emphasise the] importance of getting the ball in fast,” Edgmond said.

Although he felt the team could have moved the ball faster, he thought they got the ball around the court and played well overall.

“We moved the ball well as a team, [and they] all played really well, we had multiple players with five or more assists,” said Edgmond.

In league, the team has had nine wins and zero losses, and has had 16 wins and one loss overall.

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