Dragon Talks: Alex Koch

Credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press

Maddie Kirkegaard

Credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press

With years of experience and a passion for cars and motorsports, choosing the effects of motorsports on consumer car safety as his subject was an easy choice for senior Alex Koch. His presentation is titled “Motor Sports Legacy.”

“I love cars. I’ve always been surrounded by them because my dad owns an auto shop and I also love racing them,” he said.

Koch began putting together his Dragon Talk during spring break but has known since December that he wanted to do something involving cars. His presentation will include slides showing his own involvement in racing.

“Since I’m so interested in cars and motorsports, I was curious to see what car racing has contributed to the development of the consumer car industry… Almost everything on our cars has had some design cues from racing. Everything from our tires and engines, steering wheels and rear view mirrors we owe to racing cars,” he said.

After researching this topic, Koch said he was surprised to find out how much racing has influenced the consumer car industry.

“Our cars are more advanced today because of what happened on the track,” he said. “Our cars are safer because of new strong materials like carbon fiber, more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly because of VTEC (variable timing and electronic lift control) engines, and more sporty. All because of racing cars.”

Koch is planning to attend University of California Berkeley next year as a business major. He hopes to someday use his degree to start a career in the automotive industry.

Like most people, Koch was slightly nervous about giving his speech, but was looking forward to it at the same time.

“I’m nervous, but I also really like public speaking. Having to give speeches in ASB has definitely made me a more confident public speaker,” he said.

Koch is glad that the senior project was changed this year from the Hero Project to the Dragon Talk.

“I like this project much better. I know that the hero project would be more beneficial to the community, but I am more passionate about this and I feel like it will be a better presentation,” he said.

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