Ten ways to raise your grade in time for finals


Otto Tielemans

Credit: Felicia Perez/The Foothill Dragon Press
Credit: Felicia Perez/The Foothill Dragon Press

With Advance Placement testing over and graduation less than a month away, students have begun the process of readjusting to a seemingly less stressful environment. That is, the few weeks before final exams. In reality, however, students are probably more stressed out now than before, with little to no time left to improve their grades.

At this point in the semester, chances are that the grades currently in Zangle will be the ones displayed on report cards a couple of weeks down the line. But, for all of those who really need to save themselves from having to retake a class, or are looking for ways to bump their grade that extra three percent, following these ten helpful tips will help you raise your GPA.

1. Check all of your second semester assignments on Zangle. The key to giving your grade that extra boost is checking what’s holding you back. Especially in classes where everything is weighted, a few missing homework assignments could be the determining factor in your grade. That being said, talk to your teachers and ask if you can receive partial credit for late assignments. Even one point is better than a flat zero.

2. Do every extra credit assignment available. Yes, that song about atoms and blood pumping through your blood might be embarrassing, but I assure you that at the end of the semester you’ll be grateful you did it. Not only do you receive that nice cushion on your grade, but chances are, you will remember the message of the jingle.

3. Do test corrections whenever possible. While test corrections aren’t typical in English and History classes, there are many teachers in the Mathematics and Science departments that will give you the opportunity to increase your grade. It might only be a miniscule boost, but it will show your teacher that you are actually trying. An observation that may be favorable when it comes down to submitting your grade.

4. Look over your renaissance card. Remember that small red card that you forgot ever existed? Well, believe it or not, it holds many perks that involve dropping tests or retaking quizzes. Look back at all of your quizzes in every class and decide which class it will be the most useful in.

5. Don’t go into tests without studying. If you are like me, you walk into some exams and hope that “Jesus will take the wheel.” But, chances are that choosing “C” for “Christ” won’t help you. Sitting down and studying for the few remaining tests will make a difference.

6. Begin prepping for your finals. Whether it be a traditional sit-down test or a group project, finals are usually worth between 10 and 20 percent of your grade, depending on the class. Start freshening up on those concepts that you learned early on, and start going in during FIRE to get help on those areas that you have trouble understanding. Waiting until the last moment will only stress you out.

7. Divert your extra time and energy to school. Just because summer is around the corner doesn’t mean that you should just get home and watch television until you pass out. Whenever you have a moment, study. But, you shouldn’t spend every waking hour hovered over your textbooks either. You know what you know, and 14-hour study sessions will probably hurt you more than help you.

8. Be responsible. Actually show up to school on time, and don’t call in sick. There is no reason to flake out at the last second when you have been trying so hard this entire year. Being immature won’t get you anywhere.

9. Ask questions. Chances are that if you don’t understand a concept now, you won’t understand it three weeks down the line when it appears on your final. Understand it now so that when it comes to reviewing it will be more of a breeze than a difficulty.

10. Don’t pull all-nightersMinds that are rested are more likely to succeed when faced with rigorous academic obstacles than they otherwise would be. Get in the habit of going to bed early so that you’ll be able to absorb everything the following morning.

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