60 seconds article – 02/28/2012

Otto Tielemans

Russians were flabbergasted after the country’s state-run television station announced that a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had been uncovered. A group of plotters were supposedly arrested in early January and, after weeks of interrogation, confessed to the crime.

However, a British ambassador to Moscow is extremely doubtful over the plot. These speculations are attributed to protests taking place in reaction to fraudulent elections. International audiences see this as the Kremlin attempting to build support for the much hated ex-KGB officer.

In all honesty, I highly doubt that an assassination plot of this scale was ever foiled. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that plots to take the Prime Ministers life have been drafted, but never discovered.

I remain adamant that the Russian government fabricated this scandal and forced a group of innocent people to sign an already written statement. This, however, shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the Russians have a track record of forcing the innocent to plead guilty to crimes that they have never committed. 

What do you think?