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Ten ways to maintain your sanity during finals week

Junior Emily Coe poses as a stressed student studying for finals. Photo illustration: Felicia Perez/The Foothill Dragon Press

Finals week: I know, it seems intolerable. But believe it or not, there are ways to survive these next two weeks while still scoring high on your exams.

#1 Don’t wait until the day before to study

Nothing can be worse than beginning to study the day before you take the test. Cramming only works for remembering tricky details, not an entire semester’s worth of knowledge. Create a schedule that outlines how long and for how many days you will study a particular subject. Make sure you plan out your study schedule at least one week prior to finals.

#2 Isolate yourself

Get out of the house! Studying in a calm, quiet, and professional area will help you focus and work hard for extended periods of time. When you’re around your family, the possibilities of being distracted are endless, which means you won’t be able to memorize everything you are studying.

#3 Work out

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, drop the books and get some fresh air. Go for a short run or walk, or hit the gym for a half hour. Releasing endorphins will make you feel better when you come back to study. A happier you equals a smarter you. However, make sure these breaks don’t last longer than 30 minutes.

#4 Turn your phone OFF

In this generation, teenagers have their phones glued to their hips, and I’m no exception. But releasing the temptation of going on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Path, etc. will help you focus and stay on track. Being disconnected from the social media world for a couple of hours won’t kill you or your social life.

#5 Indulge

After hitting your study goals for the day, indulge in one of your favorite things. Get your nails done, play a video game, or watch an episode of your favorite show. It will make you feel better about your accomplishment and encourage you to work harder.

#6 You are what you eat

Take care of your body during these trifling weeks. Don’t fill it with greasy, fattening foods that will only make you feel worse about yourself. Try ingesting some Omega-3 fats such as salmon and nuts for brainpower instead. Fruits, vegetables, and rice are also positive food choices. These foods will help your brain function at its best during your difficult exams.

#7  Dress good, feel good

Just because it’s dead week, doesn’t mean you have to look as “dead” as you feel. Don’t take the power of your appearance for granted. Doing your hair in the morning, or wearing your favorite shirt to school can automatically boost your confidence for the rest of the day. Dress to impress, and impress yourself. Who knows, it might come through on your test scores.

#8 Say no to caffeine

High school students love Frappucinos and caramel lattes, but many don’t realize that they abuse sugar for an energy boost. In fact, those sugary drinks will only make you crash faster. So, pick the healthier alternatives. Tea, black coffee with stevia, water, hot cocoa, and green tea all have an extra kick that will keep you alert, and most importantly awake, for when you really need to crack down on work.

#9 Forget about it

You planned your time accordingly, studied your little heart out, and hoped for the best, now let it go! You did your best, don’t stress over what could have been, move on and focus on the next test.

#10 Smile!

Take time in your day to take a breath and smile. Even if finals aren’t a beautiful thing, the world is a beautiful place. So hold your head high, flash those pearly whites, and enjoy it!

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Ten ways to maintain your sanity during finals week