Joe Dicarlo, 26: “I hope to see change for my child”


Glenda Marshall

Credit: Anaika Miller/ Foothill Dragon Press

Joe Dicarlo’s main inspiration to join the Occupy Ventura movement was not his job or his house, but rather a three-year-old girl mixing a variety of paints several feet away.

“[I’m here for] my daughter. I’m basically fighting for her future because the change won’t happen when I’m around, but it will when she’s older. I hope to see change for my child,” said Dicarlo, a 26-year-old Venturan.

With so much money cut from the public school systems and the rising cost of tuition, he is especially worried about the future of his daughter’s education.

“I hope they won’t cut any more education programs,” Dicarlo said.

He knows first hand the financial hardships that sometimes coincide with a college degree. Dicarlo had to borrow $40,000 to complete his education at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla. and now owes $55,000.

“I’ve made no progress. When people can only get college degrees with thousands of dollars of debt, how can they support themselves?” Dicarlo said.

Though he is currently a light technician for bands like Sugarland, Dicarlo believes his bachelors degree in science will be beneficial should he decide to pursue other careers in the future.

“My degree will be really helpful if I’m trying to get a different job later on,” he said.

“I heard about [Occupy Wall Street] on Facebook. It’s all about Facebook and blogging, that’s how we are spreading the word,” Dicarlo said. “Nothing is being shown in the media or newspapers. The radio stations don’t even mention it.”

Dicarlo is upset that there is so much stress over the Occupy Movement.

“It’s sad to know that my girlfriend has to keep quiet about her support for this […] and to know that she can’t speak her mind in her company without fear of being fired,” he said.

“This is supposed to be a peaceful protest. The authorities are fighting us,” Dicarlo said. “I would hate to see it when it’s not anymore.”

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