Inhaler rocks The Wiltern with the luck of the Irish


Frances English

Fans flock outside of The Wiltern, eager to attend Inhaler’s sold out show at the first of two concerts in Los Angeles to end their long and successful tour.

Frances English, Writer

Inhaler played twice at The Wiltern in Los Angeles to end their long and highly anticipated North American tour. The Irish band quickly rose to fame, catching the attention of many celebrities in the music industry, including Elton John and Harry Styles. With their second album, “Cuts & Bruises,” doing exceedingly well, the tour was destined for success. Their talent and cohesive musical lens blend seamlessly, creating addictive rock ballads that captivate audiences.

Inhaler returns to the stage for an encore of two songs after excited fans chant for more music. (Frances English)

The band from Dublin, Ireland, consists of four prominent musicians, Elijah Hewson (lead vocals), Robert Keating (bass guitar), Josh Jenkinson (guitar) and Ryan McMahon (drums). Not only do many celebrities adore the band, but it was celebrities who created them, Elijah Hewson being the son of Paul David Hewson (Bono), the lead singer of U2. Although his dad heightens their standard of success, Hewson and his band members have built their fan base with their combined forces and limitless talent. Their lively concerts are only one example of their impact on music and fans alike. 

Before Inhaler entered the stage at their first Los Angeles show, Sun Room, the popular young surf rock band from San Diego, opened the show. The band consists of Luke Asgain (lead vocals), Ashton Minnich (guitar), Max Pinamonti (bass guitar) and Gibson Anderson (drums). Their stage presence was electrifying as they breezed through their discography. They radiated the same sun-soaked energy and wore matching suits to enhance their joint efforts. It’s abundantly clear that the group is more than band mates, but also best friends. After Sun Room’s flawless performance, the crowd waited anxiously for Inhaler to take the stage. 

Sun Room opens Inhaler’s sold out concert with high energy while singing their beachy ballads. (Frances English)

Inhaler’s presence was known by echoing screams accompanied by one of the band’s most popular songs, “These Are the Days.” With the first of many songs finished, they sincerely greeted and thanked the audience. The band’s talent is undeniable, with their live performances sounding even better than the recordings. A few favorites were “My King Will Be Kind,” “Valentine” and “Love Will Get You There.” Every song sparked excitement in fans that was reflected in the musicians’ faces.

After the concert was presumably over, the lights stayed dim, reminding fans it was time for the encore. With only two songs left, the crowd stayed lively until the band members were no longer in sight. The concert was overall supremely successful in the atmosphere and musical ability. Unlike other shows, the performers went on promptly at the posted time without delays. The timing was greatly appreciated and the entertainment was ongoing. 

The outfits fans wore all matched a particular dress code. Bedazzled cowboy hats alluding to Inhaler’s songs were spread throughout the theater, and there might have been one too many t-shirts talking about a favorite Irish band member. A mixture of friendliness and fun was in the air, creating an intoxicating feel for all audience members. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of Inhaler, I strongly recommend attending their concert. The band is a favorite of many and can be expected to only grow in popularity. Fans are already gearing up for another album with a tour to accompany it.

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