Hidden Gems: Moons Thai Cuisine


Lauren Kaller

Moons Thai Cuisine, a local restaurant located off of East Thompson Blvd., offers a wide variety of authentic Thai food. With a multitude of five star reviews, this local hole in the wall restaurant is the perfect place to dine with family and friends.

Beatrice Barnes and Ruby Jenkins

If you’re looking for a quick meal with deliciously bold flavors, look no further than Moons Thai Cuisine, located on Thompson Blvd. near downtown Ventura. With a modest exterior and small, homey interior, Moons Thai is a hidden gem of Ventura’s Thai food scene. 

Upon entering the restaurant, patrons are immediately immersed into a welcoming atmosphere and overwhelmed with the comforting aroma of simmering soup and curry. The dining experience at Moons Thai goes beyond the delectable food, as the customer service is also top notch. Servers are extremely friendly and attentive, which gives a family owned restaurant experience that is enhanced by the timely manner in which the food is served. We ordered five different dishes and they were all served to our table in less than 15 minutes. 

The Fresh Roll – 8.5/10

This appetizer is jam-packed with lettuce, cucumber, avocado and shredded carrots. All of this freshness is skillfully rolled into rice paper wraps, making the dish a great option if you’re looking for something light to start your meal at Moons Thai Cuisine. For this dish, guests can choose between tofu or shrimp as a protein to go into the roll, but we opted for the tofu. Tofu often gets a bad reputation, but Moons Thai’s preparation of this soybean-based vegetarian protein would impress any tofu-skeptic. The rolls are also served with a sweet and sour chili sauce and a classic peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is a perfect addition to this starter and brings the rating even higher compared to spring rolls by themselves. 

The Garlic Black Pepper Stir Fry – 8/10

Moons Thai is well known for their stir frys, where customers can choose from a wide variety of sauces and vegetables to be paired with their protein of choice; chicken, pork, shrimp or tofu. Their extensive protein offerings make it simple for those with dietary restrictions to customize any dish to suit their specific needs. We chose the Garlic Black Pepper stir fry with tofu, which is a must-try for any garlic lover. The veggies, such as broccoli, carrots and cabbage were freshly steamed and as always, the tofu didn’t disappoint. However, the best part was the peppery sauce and crunchy fried garlic on top of the dish, both of which added a delightful kick of flavor. 

The Boat Noodle Soup – 7.5/10

As one of their Bangkok Street Food dishes, this noodle soup was an interesting change of pace in relation to the other dishes. The thin noodles and tender beef added were a great addition to the dining experience, but one thing to mention is the sweetness of this dish. The first sip of yhe broth was honestly confusing as the unexpected sweetness was overcoming. Honestly, it was not my favorite. With the rubbery meatballs and overpowering sweetness, I don’t think I will be ordering this again even despite the delicious noodles. Maybe one of their other noodle soups will improve my opinion on their soups as a whole, but I would suggest maybe sticking to their noodle/curry dishes. 

The Salmon Panang Curry – 9.5/10

This curry was absolutely bursting with a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors, making it a deliciously addictive dish. The creamy coconut milk based sauce paired excellently with a side of fluffy rice.  Not to mention that the crisp veggies, which included snap peas and broccoli, complimented the rich curry sauce. I was initially concerned about the salmon, because it sounded like an obscure addition, but I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. The fish was perfectly cooked and its mild flavor wasn’t overpowering as it brilliantly absorbed the complex depth of flavor that the dish provided. The serving size was also very generous and this curry tasted just as delicious as leftovers the next day. 

The Mango Sticky Rice – 10/10 

After enjoying the savory offerings at Moons Thai, finishing on a sweet note with the mango sticky rice is essential. This classic Thai dessert is composed of condensed milk based sticky rice with a side of fresh mango. The sticky rice had a satisfying texture, subtle sweetness and mild coconut flavor. Mango is a finicky fruit, as it’s often overripe and mealy or under ripe and flavorless. However, this mango was at an ideal ripeness with a sweet, yet tangy flavor that paired flawlessly with the sticky rice. The sesame seeds that topped the rice also added a nice crunch, making for an ultimate finishing touch to an already outstanding dish. 

Especially after the difficulties that the COVID-19 pandemic posed for many small business owners, it is now more important than ever to support local restaurants. Moons Thai Cuisine makes this endeavor incredibly easy, because after just one visit, customers are sure to be drawn back for more mouth-watering delicacies. Their extensive menu has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to cool down with an ice cold boba and fresh rolls on a hot day or cozy up with a warm curry in the rain. It’s nearly impossible  to go wrong with any item on the menu and Moons Thai will make an excellent addition to your weekly restaurant rotation.

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