Four rom-coms to ring in Valentine’s Day


Alivia Baker

Check out four timeless rom-com hits this Valentine’s season with movie enthusiast Linda Manzo.

Linda Manzo, Writer

To celebrate the annual informal holiday of Valentine’s Day, I have created a list of my personal favorite films in the romantic comedy or “rom-com” genre. My qualifications: being a teenage girl. Listed below are the movies that can be appreciated any day of the year, but are more festive for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

A Cinderella Story (PG)

Hillary Duff’s rendition of the traditional story of Cinderella is the perfect adolescent rom-com. Available to watch on Disney+, the film follows Sam (Hillary Duff), the stereotypical outcast who connects with star football player Austin Ames (Chad Micheal Murrary). Their shared interests of attending Princeton University and feelings of misplacement within their high school cliques stem from a Princeton admitted student chat room. The sense of disconnect caused by the blockage of a screen leaves a sense of mystery pertaining to their actual personalities. Upon revealing their true selves, Sam and Austin learn the importance of placing their own happiness before what is expected of them from family and friends. 

Fools Rush In (PG-13)

Within the city of Las Vegas, a one-night stand between Alex Whitman (Matthew Perry) and Isabel Fuentes (Salma Hayek) blossoms into an accidental pregnancy and unexpected love story. The cultural differences between Alex and Isabel are highlighted through a comical rendition of traditions, such as allowing a new boyfriend to meet Isabel’s family. Under their circumstances, Isabel and Alex dedicate time to getting to know each other, while simultaneously preparing to begin a family. 

When Harry Met Sally (R)

Arguably a holiday movie,“When Harry Met Sally” follows the twelve-year friendship of Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan). The slow burn romance between the two does not make the film any less exciting, as every small twist thickens the plot. “When Harry Met Sally” is a beautiful story due to its sense of reality. Its features of various couples’ shortened love stories add a sense of genuine love; alongside adorable one liners, such as “At that moment I knew. I knew like how you know about a good melon.”

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (R)

The star-studded cast of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is enticing enough on its own to give it a watch. Led and written by Jason Segal and featuring stars such as Kirsten Bell, Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd and Bill Hader, the lineup of comedic geniuses does not disappoint. Filled with continuously hilarious commentary, Peter (Jason Segal) takes a trip to Hawaii in order to relinquish his attachment to his ex-girlfriend Sarah (Kirsten Bell), only to find her at the same resort with her new beau, Aldous (Russell Brand). While Peter’s goal was to detach from his past relationship, he goes on a journey of discovering self-love. 

While the traditions of Valentine’s Day vary per person, the one commonality can be our ability to connect ourselves through films. Rom-coms, while making light of the trials and tribulations of romance, are the perfect way to relax while celebrating the holiday.

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