Everything you missed about Harry Styles Love On Tour


Harry Styles stunned his fans every night on tour and brought the same incredible energy to night one at the Forum. Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

Frances English, Writer

Whether you know him from his old band, One Direction, his stereotype-breaking outfits or his irresistibly appealing music, there is no denying Harry Styles’ talent to wow an audience. His world tour, Love On Tour, was announced on Nov. 13, 2019. Since then, fans have been ecstatic about seeing him in action. 

After the COVID-19 outbreak, fans were unsure if the tour would go on after being rescheduled many times. When the tour secured its final dates and US shows started to take place, there was no end to the Harry Styles rabbit hole of concert photos posted online. Here are some of the tour’s highlights and a special look at his Los Angeles night one performance at the Forum. 

Styles kicked off his first concert in Las Vegas, NV, in a fashionable hot pink sequin vest and hot pink trousers to match. His fans were incredibly excited to see what he would be styled in this tour after recalling his popular custom suits featured in his last tour. He played music from his two albums, “Harry Styles” (HS1) and “Fine Line”. He also featured a song from One Direction, the iconic “What Makes You Beautiful.” This concert was a strong start to his tour and only made fans more excited for their show. 

Most of the shows featured Styles in high-waisted trousers with a flashy shirt and suspenders. At each show, he would wear different variations, making every concert unique in his fashion. At some select venues, Styles wore an open vest with trousers or a suit, and for Halloween, he spiced it up with a costume. 

The two shows taking place before and on Halloween coined the name, “Harryween”, and took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Concertgoers were encouraged to wear their costumes, and Styles wore special ones of his own. 

On Harryween night one, Styles and his band went as Wizard of Oz characters. As Dorothy, Styles brought a small basket and a stuffed dog on stage. Along with the music from his last concert, he sang a cover of “Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arwen. Fans were thrilled at this new song edition for this night only. 

On Harryween night two, Styles and his band wore clown-themed costumes. Some fans speculate that this particular outfit symbolizes something more significant or hints at a next album or song. For this show, he played his music and two new editions just for this concert: “Medicine”, his unreleased song, and “Toxic” by Britney Spears. These songs lit up social media and had fans dancing all night.

His first concert in Los Angeles at the Forum was exciting for many fans, and his performance did not disappoint. After Jenny Lewis’ fantastic opening, Styles hit the stage in matching green velvet pants and a green vest with an embroidered print on it. His outfit stunned the audience, and social media was just as enthusiastic about it. 

Throughout the night, Styles constantly checked up on the audience and encouraged them to be themselves and have as much fun as possible. He even helped one of his fans come out and waved a bisexual pride flag while running throughout the stage. He responded to fans after singing his song, “Fine Line”, when all the lights turned off, and it grew dark. As chants of the fan-favorite “Medicine,” filled the air,  the lights flashed on in response, and hundreds of needs were met. The crowd cheered, and after the concert, everyone went home that night extremely happy, and some fans even cried as they left the venue. 

The two other nights performed in Los Angeles were just as exciting and fun as the first. At night two, Styles performed “To Be So Lonely,” which was not sung at most of his other concerts. He made sure to play “Medicine” on both nights, and fans were overjoyed to hear it live and in person. 

For his last night at the Forum, he wore green pants and an open black fringe vest. Some fans speculate that his next album will focus on the colors green and black, on night one he wore green, night two he wore black and night three he wore green and black.

After the last Los Angeles shows, which were meant to be the last of his tour, he added three other shows in Houston, TX, Little Rock, AR and Long Island, NY. His final concert took place on Nov. 28, 2021. Fans screamed at the top of their lungs to the lyrics, “Welcome to the final show”, in his first single, “Sign of the Times”. He ended the night performing “Kiwi” three times and instead of running off the stage like his other concerts, he took his time hugging every band member. 

Styles sold his Love On Tour merchandise at all of the shows, and fans were quick to buy it. His merch featured many items, like sweatshirts, crewnecks, t-shirts and tote bags, with his signature logo for that tour, a hare. Everyone was pleased with the products and happy that they featured his originality. 

Although Love on Tour is now over, fans are already gearing up to buy future tour tickets and to jam out to future Harry Styles albums. These past few months have given strength to his fanbase, creating a connection between the love of Harry Styles and his music. At every concert, Styles connected with his fans and gave them a chance to live that night to the fullest, offering them to be themselves and own it. The tour is now over, but the feelings and emotions that were given to us in that one and a half hour will never be forgotten. 

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