Don’t spend more money, spend good time: A Holiday gift guide


Alivia Baker

Feel the joy of giving without the difficulty of knowing what to get-or make-after reading writer Lily Toreja’s gift guide for this holiday season.

Lily Toreja, Writer

The holiday season is upon us all and gathering the perfect gifts to give to loved ones can be a complicated task to tackle, although it certainly doesn’t have to be. Budget-friendly and easily-accessible gifts are main priorities during the holiday season, so here are some tips to help you find that perfect special something for the special people in your lives.


Thoughtfulness over price:

Greater price doesn’t always equate to the best gift. This holiday season, rather than purchasing one pricey gift for everyone on your list, focus on more practical presents that your friends and loved ones will actually find useful. Looking for something to give a friend that always asks to borrow a hair tie? A pack of scrunchies or the classic black hair elastics are reliable and certainly practical. Shopping for a sewing soon-to-be-expert? A good sewing pattern brings out the flair of their fashionista, and they’re pretty cheap and easy to find from fabric stores, online and even in thrift shops. Small, thoughtful gifts are best for large groups of people because they’re much easier to keep track of and are overall much more budget-friendly than resorting to more extravagant gifts.


Cooked/baked goods, family recipes and kitchen ingredients:

Everyone can indulge in a delectable dish or baked treat, and with the internet’s plethora of offerings recipes can be easily found that accommodate dietary restrictions and allergens just as well as general preferences. Take your traditional holiday cards up a notch by including a good recipe, family specialty or otherwise or package a portable portion of your favorite holiday treat along with the festive cards.



Handmade items:

Making gifts by hand adds a personal touch that commercial retailers just can’t replicate. Painting, pottery, embroidery and digital illustrations are some of the many handicrafts that can be used to make unique, one-of-a-kind gifts perfect for those with even the most obscure interests.


Secondhand items:

The variety of items you can find in a thrift store provides great potential for memorable holiday gifts. Gifting thrifted cozy sweaters, pun-tastic t-shirts or a durable set of kitchenware is the perfect way to balance practicality and budget friendliness. As an added bonus, buying thrifted products contributes to the secondhand merchandise economy, which can reduce wasteful consumption.




There’s no better way to commemorate and celebrate your loved ones than with happy memories of time spent together. Whether they be silly photos taken discreetly that still get laughs whenever mentioned or joyful snapshots of smiles all around, printed photos can be a wonderful addition to a scrapbook, a collection of happy memorabilia or be framed in full glory for all to see.


The holiday season is a perfect time to gather with friends and family and enjoy spending time with each other as you reminisce about the past year. Aside from any material possession, the best gift to give is being present with your beloved and taking time to relax and have fun in each other’s company. Whether you have plans to spend time in person with your loved ones or are connecting with each other from afar, enjoy the festivities and simplify your gift gathering with these tips.

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