“King Richard” embraces all things tennis and tells an inspiring story for all


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King Richard is being shared throughout the world, spreading a positive message to all of its viewers.

Frances English, Writer

King Richard” came out on Nov. 19, 2021. Based on a true story, the plot depicts the talented professional tennis sisters, Serena and Venus Williams, and how their father, Richard Williams, persevered and made their tennis career dreams come true. The movie delves deeper as it discloses more information about specific tennis matches and shows non-tennis players what playing the sport is really like. 

The film is directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and stars Will Smith (Richard Williams), Aunjanue Ellis (Oracene’ Brandy’ Williams), Saniyya Sidney (Venus Williams) and Demi Singleton (Serena Williams). In response, a positive reaction has erupted from fans across the world as this movie finds ways to connect with everyone watching.

“King Richard” goes through the athletic journey of the Williams sisters, as they make a mark on society by beginning their professional tennis careers and becoming role models for everyone, those inside and outside the tennis community. Richard Williams never gives up on the girls’ dreams as he goes to set in place everything that happens to them. He goes from coach to coach, strategically choosing the most successful path for the girls, and as we see today, he’s steered them in the right path.

The film starts as the girls are young and living in Compton, California, training with their dad at any tennis court they could find, which was a tall task since tennis was not popular in Compton. As the girls grow older and become more talented, their dad scouts far and wide to find a tennis coach that will be best for his daughters and will want to coach them in the first place. The movie journeys into junior tennis tournaments and the beginning of Venus Williams’ professional tennis career with one of her first coaches, Rick Macci, and her dad by her side.

Viewers can laugh at many relatable moments throughout the movie, and tennis players can relate to the many comical tournament scenes. We are able to see a more emotional side to the Williams sisters’ story and what they had to give up to live their dream. The film offered an honest and clear-cut view into the tennis industry that isn’t often shown.  

“King Richard” does an excellent job of showing how mentally challenging the game of tennis can be. Not only is it about being physically fit, but the sport requires players to have a strong mental state and to be prepared for anything when they walk out onto the court. Opponents will try almost anything to get into a rival player’s head, and sometimes this pressure comes from parents or coaches sitting on the sidelines. Even taking a ten-minute bathroom break or making a late call while cheating can make a difference in a match. 

Even though “King Richard” does an amazing job of revealing the hardships of tennis, it also captures the pure joy in the moments that make everything worth it. The movie shows scenes of the sisters, particularly Venus, winning tennis matches, which transmits sheer happiness that radiates off of the screen and into the audience. Coming from a tennis player myself, nothing can compare to the moment you step off the court, knowing that you played your best and all of your work paid off in the end. It is not just about being the best; it is about feeling your best too. 

After watching the movie, viewers are left with a sense of drive and motivation to make their dreams come true. If one works hard enough and shows the right amount of dedication, anything can be made possible. I would recommend that everyone watch the movie to learn about the Williams family, the tennis industry and the power of determination. The film will set the scene for future tennis pros to come and continue to move audiences worldwide. 

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