Kevin Kunes

Kevin Kunes

Dragon Press Editorial Board


First off let me say thank you. You, the reader, are reading The Foothill Dragon Press. For that fact you have made the journalism staff’s day. Feels good doesn’t it? Tell your friends.
Anyway, looking past my shameless commercial, my name is Kevin Kunes of the 2012 graduating class. That’s right. Not only do I graduate the year of the dragon, but the world blows up before I need to worry about college.

The comics that I draw are based on the conversations of me and my friend Noah Wilson (I’ll let you figure out who is who). We use each other to laugh during school and make the day a little brighter. My comics will not always leave you rolling on the floor, mainly because I’m not quite that talented (yet). Their purpose is to make you feel comfortable and ease the stress that high school can impose if we’re not careful. Think of it as Novocaine. Slow down long enough to forget your responsibilites for a moment and partake in a face palm, or an eye roll, or a conservative chuckle if you’re feeling edgy. If that reaction drowns out the pressure life puts on you, even for only a moment, I consider myself successful.

Yes, I’m a pretty bad speller, sometimes my outlines are on the wobbly side, and every now and again I forget that a haiku is 575 not 565, but I’m the best we got. So you’re stuck with me.

So to you, from the kid with a golfer’s cap and eight harmonicas, cheers. And here’s to an enjoyable high school experience.

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