Recap: Softball Senior Night ends in a close loss of 9-8


Malia Sanchez

Softball team hangs banners for seniors Macy Weaver ‘21, Jade Barretto ‘21, Dailyn Thompson ‘21, Katie Gordon ‘21 and Miranda Cahue ‘21 on Senior Night.

Malia Sanchez, Reporter

Playing on their home field of Ventura College, the Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) girls’ softball team faced off against St. Bonaventure in honor of their seniors on May 3. The Dragons fought hard against their rivals in a close game but did not prevail with a final score of 9-8 in favor of the St. Bonaventure Seraphs.

 “I would say it was the best game of our season easily. Everyone did their job on the field. When we needed hits, we got hits, and when we needed to make some tough plays the team delivered there too. So overall I feel good about the team performance,” says Dailyn Thompson ‘21. 

Kelsey Randall ‘23 comments on the special night, saying, “the seniors played a huge role in our team. Losing five of them will definitely hurt.” 

As a senior, Thompson reminisces, saying, “I think I’ll miss the time on the softball field where nothing else really matters except for the game, as well as supportive coaches and teammates. What I’ve enjoyed most about playing softball at Foothill [Tech] is being able to relate to my team in the way that we go to school together and may have different friend groups or activities we are involved [in] at school, but when we come together on the field, we are all a team and share that commonality.” 

The Dragons will return to their home field Wednesday, May 12 to play Santa Clara in hopes of a victory.

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