Jane Napora is eager to assist!


Julio Hernandez

Jane Napora, an all-new dragon in an all-new position

Kaitylnn Dibblee, Writer

Jane Napora plays an important role in offering students and staff support on campus. She is the new Student Assistant Program (SAP) Counselor here at Foothill, ready to help students become more productive and happier. Her position gives her the ability “to help students, well, everybody in the Foothill community feel safer, happier and maximize their learning while they’re here,” Napora said. She is a key asset in violence and drug use prevention and now a vital resource on campus. 

Previously, Napora worked as a science teacher for seven years before coming to Foothill. She decided she wanted to become a counselor when she met her husband, who is also a counselor. She realized she enjoyed working more with students one-on-one instead of in a typical class setting.

Her inspiration is “anyone/thing that fights to overcome the odds and doesn’t give up on their dreams. These are our veterans, people fighting illness or injuries, who could easily give up but somehow find the energy to push forward each day,” she stated.

One thing she hopes to incorporate into Foothill is a “center in the H-pod where students and staff can come to relax and unwind from whatever stress they may be feeling on campus,” Napora said. She believes this would create more stability as having a safe, relaxing atmosphere reduces stress. 

Napora hopes that there will be “more emphasis on helping students become healthy socially and emotionally rather than focusing so much energy on academics.” She is dedicated to making students’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

Mountain biking, playing with her dog and hiking are just a few of the activities she loves doing, “my mountain bike is my best friend” she exclaimed. Since taking her first trip out of the country to Europe and Poland with students, Napora has realized her love of traveling. She also enjoys going to concerts and listening to music. Napora believes in the importance of maintaining a balance between academics and the things you love.

Napora has experience working with the counseling team here at Foothill, so she already feels welcome. “They seem to be accepting of me being a part of their team,” she said. She has a strong passion for her career and is excited to work in regard to the happiness of students.

Her favorite thing about Foothill “is that the students come here every day. So, for El Camino, I love my job over there, but I don’t get to see my students every day and so I see them once a week if I’m lucky.” 

“Take school seriously, but not too seriously,” she advised. Having both of her parents pass away when she was young, she has faced many hardships, but has grown stronger from them. She understands in depth the feelings of her students because she has had challenges in her life too. 

Napora believes students should, “just take one day at a time and do the best they can.” She hopes that if anyone is having trouble or in need of some guidance that they, “ask for help.” Ultimately, that’s what she’s here for. Having had years of experience as a counselor and a kind heart, don’t be afraid to seek out Jane Napora for guidance and advice, you can find her in the HPod office and also say hello to her therapy dog Odin.

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