New Assistant Principal Cruz is Here to Help

Bella Meza, Writer

Stephanie Cruz has been a teacher and counselor for years, working to help students and staff wherever she goes. As an Assistant Principal, she wants to become a trusted adult resource that students feel they can bring their problems to. She’s excited to begin her job here and help out with the math and science departments.

Born and raised in Ventura, Cruz attended Saint Bonaventure High School. She described herself as being very energetic, determined and a life-long learner. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, originally studying kinesiology. Cruz originally believed that she would pursue a career in sport’s medicine, but ended up falling in love with teaching. 


She has teaching credentials in math, science, health and physical education, but has taught math and physical education classes. For 14 years she was a counselor, and decided that she wanted a new challenge. She obtained her Master’s degree in educational leadership with an emphasis on counseling and administration.

Cruz wants to become a trusted adult that students feel they can come to with their problems. “I want to make Foothill the best that it can be in any way that I can,” Cruz said. She is currently working with the math, science and student services departments here at Foothill. 



She wants students to be their own advocates, to find their voice and speak up for themselves. “Students need to take initiative and I think that students need to be self advocates […] students should go after what they feel is right and what they want for themselves to be successful,” Cruz explained.

An avid lover of soccer since the age of four, she hopes that her two year old daughter will love soccer as much as she does in the coming years. Her daughter is her number one, explaining that her “life revolves around her” at the moment. 


Cruz’s favorite place isn’t necessarily a particular location, it’s wherever her daughter is playing and learning about the world around her: “I love watching cartoons with her and watching her learn because it’s just the innocent side of it, just seeing her growing and learning new things,” Cruz said.

She’s a firm believer in self confidence and believing in yourself, “if a person is confident in themselves and a person is happy with their life and the choices they’ve made, then I think that shows success,” Cruz said.

Stephanie Cruz is eager to begin her journey as a member of Foothill Tech’s Administration along with new Assistant Principal Tedford. She’s happy to be back in Ventura and apart of Foothill. 

“Enjoy the moment, don’t be in a rush to grow up, don’t be in a rush to get out of high school because once you do it’s like a whole ‘nother world out there,” Cruz advises students. “So, just enjoy being a kid.”

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