Foothills 2019 to 2020 school year kicked off with annual “No Backpack Day”


Siena Hager

Students receive cupcakes from ASB celebrating 20 years of Foothill

Adler Striegel, Ethan Sequeira, and Olivia Zoll

Students, new and old, said goodbye to summer and welcomed in the new school year on Wednesday, Aug. 21. But instead of being just an ordinary first day of school, Associated Student Body (ASB) put together the third annual “No Backpack Day.” Students were instructed to leave their backpacks and binders at home and instead focus on getting to know their teachers and fellow peers during class. 

In addition to the traditional “No Backpack Day,” ASB organized a “Foothill Birthday” event, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Foothill. DJ Hecktik returned to host a dancing competition where students could bond and have fun before diving into the academic school year. There were also treats and music to reinforce the relaxed vibe of the day.  



The fun-filled and stress-free celebratory first day of school was made possible by ASB, who planned the event. Advisor Melanie “Captain” Lindsey and ASB president Hayden Hickerson ‘20 played a substantial part in making sure the event ran smoothly. 

Lindsey believes “No Backpack Day” is beneficial to making kids feel “safe and comfortable” while also “building trust between staff and students.”

She also thinks that this helps students, particularly freshman, to not feel as nervous on the first day of school. 

Hayden Hickerson was thrilled to carry on the Foothill tradition and thought that “backpacks didn’t belong” considering it was Foothill’s twentieth “birthday” celebration.



Students from all grades enjoyed “No Backpack Day.” Maycie Duston ‘23 stated that “it was really fun” and “there were a lot of activities that made me feel welcome.”  



Averi Gomez ‘21 said that “it doesn’t really feel like school because it feels so welcoming, and I was really glad to be back.” This sentiment was felt by many students, proving a point about the acceptance of Foothill. 



However, there were some that had a different opinion on “No Backpack Day.”

Aaron Meraz ‘22 stated that he did not benefit from the day, “because I need to bring stuff to school, like if I need to write something down, or like to bring lunch, so a no backpack day is kind of useless.” 

Even though this is only the third year, “No Backpack Day” is already starting to become another Foothill tradition.

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