Maines Salon sets the bar high for hair salons in Ventura County


Sydney Young, owner of Maines hair salon in Santa Paula. Credit: Olivia Sanford / The Foothill Dragon Press

Bella Hall

Nothing is worse than having an awkward salon experience or leaving your stylist with a haircut that you are unsatisfied with. It often becomes difficult and frustrating to find a salon that brings everything to the table, but Maines Salon in Santa Paula has it all! At Maines Salon, you will feel comfortable and leave feeling cute and confident. The locally-owned salon brings life and a unique culture to Santa Paula’s Main Street with their outstanding service, exceptional skills and friendly environment.

From the greeting when you walk through the doors to how you are treated during your visit, Maines Salon has a very inviting atmosphere. As you walk in, you are welcomed with the smell of a peach scented candle and mellifluous music buzzing in the background. The art on the walls, old benches dressed up with trendy pillows, elegantly framed mirrors and vintage lace curtains all bring a cottage aesthetic with a modern twist. The salon is small, and the coziness of the place adds an intimate feel and makes the experience seem more personal.


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Having good customer service isn’t just greeting you with a smile and giving you a mint on your way out the door, it’s much more and this salon does it all. Maines Salon is the epitome of good service. This salon is a place where people can rehash their life’s biggest issues or gossip about a co-worker and know that someone is there to listen.



Maines Salon never fails to make people feel like they are anything less than beautiful with their friendly faces and their exceptional skills.

I went in for a cut and balayage done by owner Sydney Young, and I was extremely impressed. Not only was my experience fun, engaging and relaxing throughout the whole process, but the results were outstanding. Young and two of her fellow stylists have more than a total of 25 years in the hair business, and their knowledge really shows through their beautiful work.




Not only will you leave with a fresh look, but their pricing is very reasonable. A standard women’s cut at Maines Salon is just $30 and a men’s is only $20. If you’re looking to change things up, a full color is $80 and full highlights are $100. The average price for a balayage at a typical salon is $180 to $200, but when I received mine at Maines Salon, it was just $125. Don’t get me wrong, hair styling is expensive! However, at Maines Salon, both your cut and the experience is worth every cent.

Overall, Maines Salon brings some serious competition to the hair business with their phenomenal skills and magnificent service. This place is a hidden gem that sets the bar high for salons in Ventura County. Take a visit to Maines Salon, and you’ll see why. If you can’t make it to the salon and you want to try something new, Maines Salon has some hair tips for you that are quick, easy and free!


Credit: Bella Hall / The Foothill Dragon Press


Credit: Olivia Sanford / The Foothill Dragon Press

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