News Brief: Axxess book fundraiser profits exceed projected income

Anna Lapteva

Every year, Associated Student Body (ASB) holds a fundraiser of Axxess books in order to raise money for school events such as Renaissance events, Air Guitar and school-wide activities. This year, the projected profit was $10,000 but the total profit was overachieved by over $1000, landing at $11,400.

ASB estimated that they would sell 500 Ventura Axxess books for $30 each and 20 Santa Barbara books for $40, and so far they have sold 592 Ventura Axxess books and nine Santa Barbara books.

For each book sold by a student, the school receives $11. Each student is encouraged to sell at least three books, but if the student does not want to sell the books, ASB accepts donations of $33.

Fundraising Director Kelly Tebbe ‘18 says that Axxess book fundraising is essential to contributing to the annual ASB budget.

“We’re spending around $50,000, and we only have $25,000 to start with, […] so we needed the donations and the Axxess books,” Tebbe said.

ASB Coordinator Melanie “Captain” Lindsey stated that the school is now only “$9,000 short” from achieving the budget value.

Overall, Axxess books serve to be a staple of ASB yearly fundraising endeavors, and prove to be effective in producing a majority of the money needed for the year. Aside from providing for school events, Tebbe said that the money will be used to “shine light on every student.”

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