Recap: Girls’ Golf receives another win as Bishop Diego forfeits

Katie Denger

After an unexpected forfeit by opponent, Bishop Diego, the Foothill girls’ golf team decided to take the time to play a practice match with their team on Sep. 28.

According to Kelly More ‘20, Bishop Diego only had three girls. More said, “they didn’t have a team this year I don’t know what they were thinking.”

Sammy Fenton ’20 thought “it was kind of nice to have a day off of competition” but felt it was “a bummer” for Bishop Diego because the team had to forfeit their previous match as well.

In spite of this, More felt that “the practice match was a good idea.” According to Fenton “most of the girls played one of their better rounds.”

Coach Janey Dunn said that “it was more of a fun practice” and that she “actually played as well.”

Both Fenton and More thought they did well in their putting and More also said that “there were a lot of great drives from Hannah Hart [‘20] and Sammy Fenton.”

According to More, Anna Pyron ‘19 played well throughout the practice match. Pyron ended up shooting a birdy due to what More described as “a really good chip shot.” Fenton also mentioned that “she didn’t give up” after her tee shot and that led to her successful round.

Fenton believes that the team’s practices have helped her improve her game and has reflected in the matches. She said that “some of the putting drills” at practice have helped her.

Dunn also believes that practices are necessary and important in the development of a team and a player.

“Practice can be just as beneficial as a match if you are being intentional in your practice and focusing on what you are doing,” Dunn said.

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