News Brief: Hawaiian themed rally pushes sophomores to “Be Strong”

Ryan Moore


During lunch on May 3, a Hawaiian-themed “Be Strong” rally was hosted by Associated Student Body(ASB) to congratulate sophomores on their achievements and also to motivate them to remain strong through the rest of the year.

Be Strong commissioner Anna Pyron ’19 put on this event “because we wanted to do recognition for the sophomores that have been working hard this year.”

“We’ve never done just a sophomore rally, we’ve done just renaissance rallies but sophomores and juniors are usually forgotten about,” she said.

“It’s really fun. The school is well decorated, and since our school is so small, I feel like it’s good to have some student events, ” Yoanna Soliman ‘19 said.

During the second half of lunch, ASB started to raffle off various prizes and gave out awards to sophomores based on their character traits or things that they accomplished. The students given these awards were selected by their teachers for exemplifying outstanding academic work or excellent behavior.

Student appreciation was well received. Shealyn Massey ‘19 liked the idea because if “you acknowledge someone for doing well, they’d be more inclined to do it more in the future or try hard or inspire more people.”

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