News Brief: Annual Teacher Tower shows appreciation to Foothill staff

Anna Lapteva


Eager Foothill teachers gathered in the staff workroom on Friday after school to participate in the annual “Teacher Tower.”

Organized by the Parent Student Faculty Organization (PFSO) of Foothill, the Teacher Tower is a mountain of school supplies that teachers are able to collect for their classrooms. Teachers crammed their bags with supplies such as tissue boxes, pencils, pens, whiteboard markers, notebooks and more.

Teachers from all departments were involved in this event, which was coordinated by parents who were happy to show their gratitude for Foothill’s staff.

Math teacher Wayne Powers joined in on stuffing his bag with supplies for his classes.

“I like the camaraderie of just catching up with teachers that I don’t see all the time,” Powers commented. “The generosity of it, too. We are treated like royalty at this school!”

Principal Joe Bova was speaking to teachers and watching over the Teacher Tower as well.

“It’s really fun to see teachers like they’re at Toys-R-Us and they’re a little kid,” Bova jokingly noted. “Also, the interaction between the staff and the parents, who are showing their appreciation for their teachers, is really fun to see as well.”

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