What do pumpkins, Jimi Hendrix, and a stellar GPA have in common?


Credit: Grayson McCoy / The Foothill Dragon Press

Chloe Hilles

https://vimeo.com/187757339Classic rock mixed with a spooky fall atmosphere transformed Foothill’s quad into a Rocktober festival for this first Renaissance Rally, on Friday, October 14.


Classic rock mixed with a spooky fall atmosphere transformed Foothill’s quad into a Rocktober festival for this first Renaissance Rally, on Friday, October 14.

“It’s just both themes tying in, Renaissance, rock and the feel of October and fall and autumn, because everybody loves that feel,” junior Bridget McGuire, Associated Student Body (ASB) Renaissance Rally coordinator, said.

“Whenever the leaves fall and change, that feeling is probably the best feeling in the world to me. And the whole point of this rally, was to get people to feel that warm feeling,” McGuire continued.

This year’s Renaissance Rally included games such as spike ball, ring toss and cornhole. A photo booth with personalized ‘FTHS Rocktober 2016’ photo prints was available for students to have a physical memory of the rally.

As well as games, there were Foothill students with face painting and henna booths, to shine the spotlight on those students’ talent. Orange and black balloons with jack o’ lantern faces, skeletal decorations and spiderweb table cloths tied the entire event together.


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“I think they did a really good job this year,” junior Karl Roth said. He thought the rally was “very inventive” in making ‘Rocktober’ a reality.

Sophomore Sierra Anderson was “really happy” to have the rally, and particularly enjoyed the cornhole that was available this year.

Students were able to request songs for a ‘Rocktober’ Spotify playlist prior to the event, which provided another way for students to add their input and contribute.

“I like how everyone comes together and actually enjoys [the rally],” senior Ada Tadeo said. “[…] this one is more hyped up!”

Hot dogs, nachos and pizza were offered to Renaissance students to snack on during all of the festivities.



Spanish teacher and Foothill alumnus Josiah Guzik shared a memory from his Renaissance experience.

“One of my all time favorite Ren Rallies was when they made us sign permission slips, but they didn’t tell us where we were going. And then we had a day at Arroyo Verde and they brought food and games up there,” Guzik said.

He likes that the Renaissance rally “brings the school together and that students are having fun together, especially since Foothill is so stressful all the time, that students aren’t thinking about that for a second and just doing fun things.”

Guzik explained that in past years, some Renaissance rallies had been assemblies in Spirito Hall. But he thinks that students would much rather eat food and play games then watch an assembly.


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In order to participate in the rally, students must have achieved a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher, or improved his or her GPA by 0.5, last semester. Because it is based on last semester’s grade, freshman have limited participation.

McGuire hoped that everyone appreciated the seasonally-inspred, but with a twist, Rocktober Renaissance Rally.

“I feel like this is a really good rally, and I hope that everybody enjoys [the rally] and celebrates, has a good time, eats good food, plays good games,” McGuire said.


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