Wrap-Up: Girls’ basketball defeated by Carpinteria

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Wrap-Up: Girls’ basketball defeated by Carpinteria

Aniah McKenzie

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The Foothill girls’ basketball team played Carpinteria High School and were defeated by five points, with a final score of 41-36.

Coach Jason Edgmond believes that the team could have performed better during the game, specifically in their defense and retrieving missed shots.

“[We need to improve on] rebounding and protecting the ball,” said Edgmond.

Player and senior Madi Stevenson agreed with Edgmond on needing to work on getting the rebounds.

“Rebounding on defense means that Carp would not have the oppurtunity shots, and I feel like Carp had too may offense rebounds,” said Stevenson.

Edgmond does feel that the team did have other, more positive portions of the game, including “completely following through” and finishing plays.

“[One thing that went well was that the] players competed on every play,” he said.

The leading scorers of the game were freshman Ze’lee Sparks scoring 11 points and juniors Becca Negrette and Vanessa Ojeda scoing ten  and  nine points.

In the Frontier League, the team has had seven wins and two losses. Overall, the team has had ten wins and five losses.

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