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Horror movies for Halloween

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Horror movies for Halloween

Sunset Flores

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Not in the mood to leave the house on Halloween? No problem. The television show and movies listed below will be sure to keep you entertained.


“Children of the Corn” is a 1980s horror film based off of a novel by Stephen King. Credit:


Children of the Corn

“Children of the Corn” is a classic and a perfect way to ease into a night filled with horror. A couple driving through Nebraska finds what they think is an abandoned town. While driving, a child walks out of the surrounding cornfields and is hit by them, however he had been killed before. The couple later come to find out that the cornfields are inhabited by children of all ages. There are no adults in the town because the children have killed them all, believing that no one over the age of eighteen should live. The couple is captured by the children and the rest of the movie is them trying to find their way out.

The original movie was made in 1984, and you can definitely tell. If you don’t like bright red fake blood, and cheesy acting, rent the 2009 remake. It follows the same basic storyline as the original movie, but this time the acting is slightly better and the special effects are more realistic.


The Human Centipede

If you’re into something a little more twisted, “The Human Centipede(First Sequence)” is a must see.


“The Human Centipede” is new age thriller with enough gore and blood to make Quentin Tarantino cringe. Credit:

A German scientist kidnaps three tourist and experiments on them by attaching them all together. As you can imagine things don’t go very well from this point on. There isn’t much to the storyline of the movie. It’s just filled with things to make you cringe.

Because the grotesque nature of the first film was so popular, they made a second one. In “The Human Centipede II(Full Sequence),” a fan of the original movie is inspired to create a 12-person chain. One of the people in his chain is an actress from the original movie. The second movie’s storyline has a bit more to it, but it’s still filled with gore.



Paranormal movies are always some of the scariest, and “Insidious” is no exception. In the movie, a family movies into a new home. The young son of the family, Dalton, sees a shadowy figure and falls into a coma shortly after. He stays in the hospital for three months without getting any better and when he finally goes back home strange things start happening. The family moves out of this home and into another one, but when the activity continues they call a paranormal investigator. She tells the family that Dalton isn’t actually in a coma, he is stuck in the astral plane. The astral plane is a plane of existence, between being born and death. In order to get him out, his father must go in as well and try to get him out.



If you don’t want to scare yourself with a horror movie but still want to watch something spooky, “The Twilight Zone” is a good compromise. Credit:

The Twilight Zone

If you’d rather watch something on TV then give “The Twilight Zone” a try. This show ran from 1959-1964, each episode would start with a narration by Rod Serling, the shows creator. The Twilight Zone was a place where unexplainable things would happen to unsuspecting people. The shenanigans that would take place during each episode ranged from a couple in an alien’s toy house, to a man who claims that he saw a monster on the wing of his airplane.

So whether you decided to stay in alone or with friends, a night full of horror movies is always a fun way to go.

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Horror movies for Halloween