Wrap-Up: Foothill’s second victory against St. Bonaventure High School


Credit: Josh Ren/The Foothill Dragon Press

Mallery Kinnun

The girls’ tennis team competed against St. Bonaventure High School at Ventura College today and won with a final score of 16-2 in matches.

This was the second time the two teams had competed against each other, and in their first game as competitors, Foothill won with a score of 17-1.

Regarding the fact that this is Foothill’s second victory against St. Bonaventure, Coach Brian McClain stated that he sees his “players getting more consistent in their strokes.”

“Today’s match was especially nice for us,” said McClain. “All eligible players had an opportunity to play today.”

McClain doesn’t believe in “[running] up a score on an opponent,” but when the players are able to get a good lead near the beginning of the game “it allows for all to play in the match.”

The singles players were McClain’s “most valuable [players]” of the game today. They won all nine sets and lost only one game within those sets.

McClain thinks that improvement still needs to be made in court positioning for the doubles and serving continues to be an area of improvement for all players.

Today’s game gave the girls’ tennis team six wins and two losses overall this season, and five wins and one loss in league play.

In reflection of the Foothill’s girls tennis team, McClain said, “We are on a roll!”

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