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Give thanks: you’re not a turkey

After much anticipation, only days are left on the countdown until that irresistible aroma of simmering gravy will flood over the kitchen counter. The time of thanks is almost upon us and everybody should begin thinking about what they have to be thankful for. Whether it is a house to come home to every day, supporting and loving parents, or just the gift of life on this earth, this time of year is the occasion to appreciate.

As for myself, I am just always thankful for not being a turkey at this time of year.

It is clear that the giving spirit of fall has come together with the generous folks living in the City of Ventura. Along with Teen Voice, the Ventura District is sponsoring the Thanksgiving Baskets project.

Responsible for collecting 100 pies and rolls, Foothill High School stands as a proud participant in the goal to feed 100 local Ventura families a complete Thanksgiving dinner.

With Thanksgiving Break starting on Nov. 23, I think many will agree when I say that students nationwide are quite thankful for this moment of autumn peace.  

To anybody who is reading this, I have a few suggestions to make this holiday with your family timeless. No matter your age, grade, ethnicity, or stature, briefly step away from the chaos in your life, take a seat on your open couch and think about what you have to be grateful for.

If you are thankful for the new Mac Book Pro your parents got you just because they think you are great, tell Mom and Dad how much you appreciate it, and them.

Enlighten your parents on how grateful you are for their putting you through school, providing you with food and shelter, and for their love and support over the years.

A thanksgiving with many thanks and much love will bring an affectionate ambiance that will carry on, keeping you warm all winter long.

The City of Ventura is taking notice to the charitable and generous feeling of autumn and I hope the excitement of this season continues to spread over the state and country until all the hungry are fed and all who feel unloved can experience the kindness and affection this season seems to give.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, from the Foothill Dragon Press. 

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