Riley K’s K-pop Playlist: Get pumped

Credit: Rachel Horiuchi/The Foothill Dragon Press

Credit: Rachel Horiuchi/The Foothill Dragon Press

Riley Knouse

Everyone needs that one playlist that makes them ready to take on the world. For the most part, this consists of dance music. However, throughout this playlist intense rapping and powerful ballads are interlaced, providing a little more variety. So, whether you need to get pumped for the day, or a certain event, here’s a K-pop playlist:


“Dope” by BTS:


BTS is already gaining a lot of attention internationally, and if anything this song has given them a major boost. From the catchy intro to the fast-paced tempo, you can’t have a playlist meant to pump you up and NOT have this song on there.


“Uprising” by Chen (EXO-M):


This song makes me want to have an uprising and take over the world. Chen takes you on a wild ride of rock ‘n roll and has you screaming along.


“Teenager” by Jung Joon Young:


Speaking of rock, we have Jung Joon Young. He’s an incredibly talented artist whose initial claim to fame was when he made it to the Top 3 of the music competition show Superstar K4. “Teenager” crescendos to a thrilling chorus, calms down, then builds again, creating a wave effect.  


“Chisa Bounce” by M.I.B:


A fun song, “Chisa Bounce” will have you jumping around one minute and coolly bopping your head the next. Coming in slow, this song has a brio, or bouncy and spirited quality.


“Ringa Linga” by Taeyang:


Taeyang made his way onto this playlist with a delightful dance song. “Ringa Linga” will make you want to get up and dance like there’s no tomorrow.


“Dang dang dang” by Supreme Team:


“Dang Dang Dang” is an exhilarating song that has you screaming louder and louder, wildly throwing your arms around through the lyrics, beat and mood.


“Hot Pink” by EXID:


“Hot Pink” is supposed to express “I’m different than just regularly pink, I’m hot pink.” A song as vibrant as the color, this is yet another song that will make you fall in love with EXID.


“Fronting” by Seventeen:


From their second mini album, “Fronting” is a song primarily sung by their Hip Hop unit, along with accompaniment from the leaders of the Vocal and Performance units.  


“Crazy” by 4MINUTE:


“Crazy” is about a night on the town, where you let loose and go crazy. 4MINUTE provides exciting vocals, and the chorus dance to this song is easy to follow.


“Neverland” by U-Kiss:


This song was practically made for dancing. Let U-Kiss whisk you off to a “Neverland” where there are crazy dance parties and good times.


“Trespass” by MONSTA X:


In contrast to “Neverland,” which was more electronic pop, “Trespass” mashes together both smooth and exciting sounds in this pseudo-hip hop song.


“Roll Deep” by HyunA:


Wrapping up this playlist is HyunA’s “Roll Deep,” which gives you the vibe of “I AM the best.” When you come down to it, isn’t that the feeling we try to achieve when getting pumped?

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