“Every Day:” The best book ever written

Every Day: The best book ever written

Karina Schink

Even though "Every Day" does not have a real person as the main character, the story of "A" is captivating. Credit: Random House Books
Even though “Every Day” does not have a real person as the main character, the story of “A” is captivating. Credit: Random House Books

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“Every Day” by David Levithan encricles the theme of enormity. There is nothing normal about this book. It has a never been used before plot, with amazing characters.

Every Day” is about A.  A is not a boy or a girl, but a being that inhabits a new body every day.  It does not matter what race, religion, or gender the body is, as long as it is the same age. 

This book could have easily been a horrible disaster, but it was not. It seems impossible to write a book without a real main character, and how can there be a plot without a main character?

Levithan does it. He is the most gifted modern writer of our century. A topic like the one of enormity is not easily explored, especially with an androgynous main character like A. He does it with style, conviction, and talent.

“Every Day” is the best book I have ever read. It took me three hours to read the entire thing, and I did not want to stop.

It kept me interested throughout every chapter and every page.

The book progresses by day, not by chapter. A begins on day 5,994 in the body of Justin. A is 16 years old and has never had a problem with the way its life happens.

When A wakes up on day 5,994, it’s not like every other day. A wakes up as Justin, the boyfriend of Rhiannon.

A does not meddle with the people’s lives it wakes up in, until it wakes up as Justin, meets Rhiannon, and falls in love.

The book follows A’s desire to be with Rhiannon, but the reader knows A can never be with her. Living each day in a new body eradicates the ability to be with someone. The enormity of this possibility surrounds A’s thoughts and actions throughout the entire novel.

Every Day” is hands down the most amazing book I have ever read in my entire life. Every single person who has a love for reading or writing needs to read this book.

It does not repeat a tired plot everyone has seen, it does not have the stereotypical love story, and it has all the enormity one could wish for in a novel.

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