Lucy Knowles

Lucy Knowles

Megan Kearney


[dropcap size=dropcap]L[/dropcap]ucy Knowles is a junior at Foothill Technology High School and is apart of the multimedia team for the Foothill Dragon Press. She is constantly drawing things that interest her and hope to one day pursue a career in set design. Lucy enjoys That 70s Show marathons and baking anything with butter. She loves art and her fat golden retriever Jack more than anything and spends her free time taking pictures and painting murals on the walls of her room. If given the opportunity Lucy would live off of Sushi and Ginger Ale for the rest of her life with a box of colored pencils in one hand and a stack of plain paper in the other and be perfectly content. She’s a positive happy person that loves life and her school.

Photo Credit: Aysen Tan/ The Foothill Dragon Press

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