Fidelity Ballmer

Fidelity Ballmer

Megan Kearney


[dropcap size=dropcap]F[/dropcap]idelity Ballmer is a sophomore and a first year news writer on the Foothill Dragon Press. She’s an avid participant on the speech and debate team, and enjoys giving extemporaneous speeches. This year, Fidelity started a club at Foothill called Girl Up that works to help teenagers in disadvantaged countries. She also tutors through Project Understanding, takes classes at Ventura College, and tries to fight her crippling addiction to Skyrim. In her free time, Fidelity enjoys challenging her friends to an online game of TypeRacer, which she always wins. Fidelity also enjoys telling her cat to get off her laptop and sending copious amounts of Snapchats.

Photo Credit: Aysen Tan/ The Foothill Dragon Press

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