The best YouTube personality for your personality


Karina Schink

These four vloggers suit all types of personalities. Collage credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press

It can be difficult sifting through the hundreds of “YouTubers”out there; trying to find the one you most identify with, agree with, or laugh with.

They range from crazy, eccentric Tyler Oakley and Jenna Marbles, to a more subdued and funny Jack and Finn Harries.

We’ve probably all heard the term “YouTuber” before and maybe not have known what it meant. A YouTuber is someone who does video blogs or ‘vlogs’ on a regular basis.

Some do it every day, others when they feel like it. Some came to fame because of a viral video, but then decided to keep going, others just do it for themselves.
There are the comedic ones, the intellectual ones, the all around good ones and sometimes there are the downright stupid ones.

Here are a few to suit every type of viewer:


Crash Course

Crash Course is a YouTube channel developed by Vlogbrother and author, John Green. It is devoted to teaching viewers about world history and literature. John Green hosts the show, which is currently being written by his former high school U.S. History teacher, giving it a fun twist. Crash Course World History is helpful for a review right before a test and Crash Course Literature/English is interesting for those interested in reading and wanting to understand the varying books they discuss on a deeper level.


Daily Grace

Hosted by Grace Helbig, Daily Grace is a daily YouTube channel devoted to making you laugh. Her vlogs follow a daily schedule: on Tuesdays, Grace comments on comments viewers make on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube and does some ‘hazing’ where she makes fun of the commenter. Her sense of humor is unique, and could be taken offensively. Daily Grace is definitely for a specific audience. If you like cruder humor with sexual references and swearing does not offend you, then you would enjoy Daily Grace. On Wednesday she reviews things such as TV Shows, music, or bands. Her most recent was a review of the Catching Fire trailer. On Thursdays she teaches viewers how to do something, and finally Fridays are known as “Sexy Friday,” where she answers questions about relationships. On other days she will talk about products she likes, or just random topics, but one video a day is always guaranteed.

Charlie is so cool like

Charlie has been making YouTube videos since 2004, and is one of those vloggers that started out because they really had nothing better to do. He mostly talks about his life, fandoms, and things that are important to him and to the world. He is also funny, but in a different way than Daily Grace. Charlie has done viewer challenges like dyeing his hair red and painting his body purple, writing songs, and singing duets with himself. Charlie is so cool like has the type of comedy that is more universal than Daily Grace.



Vlogbrothers is one of the most famous and well-known channels on YouTube. It is the gateway to all the other youtubers. It started as a channel known as Brotherhood 2.0. Brothers Hank and John Green, decided as a New Year’s resolution to only communicate via videos. They became popular when Hank posted a song about Harry Potter and it became viral. Since then they have accumulated over a million subscribers and do vlogs every week. They are funny, informative, profound, and inspiring all at the same time. Becoming a fan of Vlogbrothers opens the door to other YouTubers. Hank and John are friends with many other vloggers and will introduce you to them as you watch their old and new videos. To really understand what they are all about Hank and John created a video to introduce new viewers.

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