Luke Ballmer: Only anger makes sense right now

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Luke Ballmer: Only anger makes sense right now

Luke Ballmer

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It’s indulgent, cheap, and a waste of everyone’s time to partake in “words fail us” and “there’s just nothing we can say”-type blather.

The world is terrifying, but let’s all realize that some things do make sense.


Anger makes complete sense right now. 

Our nation just blatantly shut out the voice of the majority in rejecting moderate, probably wouldn’t do anything anyway-type gun control. Massive numbers of people will continue to die preventable deaths.

Beyond just suffering a “blow” from the political loss of gun control (come on, Reuters, this isn’t about politics), President Obama also joined a few more lawmakers in the wonderful company of being sent poisons.

We still don’t know how the Boston Marathon bombings could possibly have happened. There are also fake charity sites.

You’re an idiot if you’re not infuriated right now.

Let’s not be united by how resilient we think any given city is, or whatever it is people find solace in now.

Let’s just be pissed off, not simply at the fact that things like this can happen, but that things like this could happen less if we didn’t act so stupidly. 

What do you think?