A change of pace: 5 creative workout routines for everyone


Veronica Mellring

Yoga is an easy way to workout and calm down at the same time. Credit: Stevi Pell/The Foothill Dragon Press
Yoga is an easy way to workout and calm down at the same time. Credit: Stevi Pell/The Foothill Dragon Press

It’s easy to fall into a rut, performing the same routine day after day with no variety at all. Finding a great workout routine isn’t hard, but it quickly becomes boring and difficult. From unconventional workouts to familiar forms of exercise, here are five creative ways to burn calories and feel fit.

1. Spicy latin music, easy and fun dance moves, and the sound of sneakers gliding across the floor all add up to Zumba. Combining upbeat Latin music with modern dance moves, Zumba is a fresh take on a dancing class. The cardio workout is a easy way to burn off lots of calories and is a good stress reliever, too. Who wouldn’t enjoy dancing to “La Vida Loca” or Cascada’s “Evacuate the Dance Floor”?

2. Breathe in, breathe out. For a slower change of pace, yoga is a very relaxing workout. Stretching promotes flexibility, endurance, and de-stressing. It builds balance and strengthens muscles. Yoga is a good alternative for people who don’t regularly exercise; it doesn’t require much space (all that’s needed is a mat) and it’s easy to adjust to individuals’ physical abilities.

3. Feel the wind blowing past, the soft beat of shoes meeting dirt. Hiking is a more scenic alternative to walking. Climbing up and down hills builds up cardiovascular fitness, and also promotes muscle strengthening. Hiking isn’t a permanent workout; a change of location, and distance, as well as pace (walking, jogging, running, or sprinting) keeps the routine exciting and refreshing. Arroyo Verde Park is a local, beautiful and challenging place to hike in.

4. Punch left, punch right, uppercut, sidekick! Kickboxing is an intense workout that combines “boxing, martial arts and traditional aerobics,” according to Gracie Morumbi, a local martial arts and fitness instructor. Kickboxing helps burn fat, increases flexibility, and serves as an effective form of self defense. Dynamic and exciting, kickboxing is great for those looking for a challenging type of workout.

5. Taekwondo (or “The Way of the Hand and Foot”), according to the American Taekwondo Association, is a popular form of martial arts. As a non-aggressive form of self-defense, it’s perfect for those who aren’t confrontational. True to its name, Taekwondo involves lots of foot and hand work, including “breaking power,” like breaking boards and cement blocks with bare hands and feet. This martial art doesn’t only promote physical discipline, but mental discipline as well. Fitness, discipline, self-defense, balance: these are the key components that compose the art of taekwondo.

From leisurely workouts to disciplined sports, these workouts are fun, different, and refreshing. So lace up those shoes, head out the door, and discover something new.


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