Ella Svete: Parents, disco and jeggings

Ella Svete

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My parents came for a nice little visit for about ten days. It was really nice seeing them. It had kind of felt like I was just away at summer camp and I was getting to see them and it was going to be long-term.

When they left I wasn’t that sad, but as the days passed by, I realized how much I really enjoy spending time with them. Of course we annoyed each other a little bit. I think they were expecting me to be more mature and not as much like a teenage girl anymore. Sorry to disappoint you guys!

We went to Chiloe, which is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It reminds me of what Ireland would look like. It’s very old-style and quiet, but still has a really good groove and style going with it. I think I would fit in better there with the whole hippie vibe, than here in Talca where it’s like a typical suburb preppy vibe.

Having my parents actually in Talca was a little bit stressful. It was cool having them meet my friends and everything, but I didn’t really like how it was like they were becoming a huge part of that certain part of my life. Luckily we were only in Talca for two days. {sidebar id=65}

We also traveled up to Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, which is where my parents used to live. Valparaiso is really gorgeous and seems very much like San Francisco. It has a good vibe going as well.

Meeting the my dad’s old host family was a weird and cool experience. They were so nice and told lots of funny stories about him when he was my age. They even began to tell stories of my parents in their hippie days! They actually sold artesania in parks because they didn’t have enough money.

I got a chance to go to a disco with my exchange student friend in Vina del Mar. He was wearing board shorts and I was wearing tight little high-waist skinny jeans. They wouldn’t let him in because he was wearing shorts. This meant we had to find him a pair of pants, and fast! We noticed that they were letting the girls in with shorts so we decided I would look somewhat okay if I wore his board shorts and rolled them up shorter. He had to put on my “jeggings” and we were set. Of course we looked like freaks so not many people wanted to dance with us, but being gringos we still had an amazing time.

Chile may be a simple, slender country, but it contains some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Of course there are some funky beach towns like Pichilemu (Piche-LAME-u), and Santiago (the capital), a place where you would not want to spend a vacation. But I think that when people go on vacation they overlook some places in the world that are insanely beautiful and only focus their attention on the major tourist attractions.

I only have four months left in Chile. It’s sad to think about, but at the same time I am ready to come home. I am just afraid that it is going to feel like I am leaving for a while and then coming back very soon which I know is not the case. I don’t think leaving will feel like my reality. I don’t think arriving in Los Angeles will either.

Things that I need to get done when I come back home keep popping into my mind, and when I think about how I need to get them done, I think about speaking in Spanish and communicating with people in Spanish. I think that is a good sign. Even when I am speaking English I also accidentally slip some Spanish words in there just because that’s what I am used to. My classmates were joking that they could actually communicate with me because I can speak Spanish so well now. One of them even told me, “I think this is the first real conversation we have ever had.”

It’s a good and weird feeling becoming bilingual.

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