VHS’s “David and Lisa” tells unique love story about mentally ill


Angel Mayorga

Senior Nate Budroe, who played David, and senior Lani Akuna, who played Lisa, star in Ventura High's production of "David and Lisa." Credit: Angel Mayorga/The Foothill Dragon Press
Senior Nate Budroe, who played David, and senior Lani Akuna, who played Lisa, star in Ventura High’s production of “David and Lisa.” Credit: Angel Mayorga/The Foothill Dragon Press

Ventura High School’s production of “David and Lisa” is sure to intrigue you with its remarkable story about the romance and struggles between two mentally ill teenagers.

The play tells the story of two mentally disturbed teenagers who meet at a special psychiatrist’s school. We get to see David’s adaption to this change and the quick romantic connection between he and Lisa. As the story progresses, both of the characters begin to work through their illnesses meanwhile figuring out their mutual love.

This play was actually based off a movie, “David and Lisa,” which was based off a true story. The movie premiered in 1962 and the play follows most of what happens in the film. Because this adaption of the movie is shorter, it has more dramatic scenes than a regular play would.

Stefoni Rossiter, head of the Ventura High Theater Department and director of the play, said she choose this play not only because it was able to pair with a big cast and it was a drama but also because it was a different type of story.

“I like the idea that it was about adolescents, I like the idea that it was about an issue that affects people of all types and kinds. I wanted to introduce different aspects of life to the kids,” said Rossiter.

Ventura senior Nate Budroe, who played David, said he has learned a lot about the uniqueness of people with mental illnesses.

“I learned that every person is really different and there is so many different mental disorders that you can’t really classify someone as ‘crazy’ ”, said Budroe.

Just by being part of the audience, you can learn a bit about the struggles of people who have mental disorders. The different scenes of all the individuals and their own particular difficulties really communicated their frustrations to the audience.

That wasn’t the only thing that got to the audience members, the great love story and especially the delightful ending were heart-warming.

Maya Berry, a junior at Ventura High, said that her favorite part of the play was the ending.

“I like the ending, where they hold hands and it’s cute,” said Berry.

The ending turns out to be a big moment for David and Lisa. Not only have they figured out that they are truly in love at that point, they also get over their mental illnesses. This was a pretty intense moment that just gave you a happy feel-good feeling. I could even hear some people sitting around me begin to cry from the precious moment.

All in all, David and Lisa turned out to be an unusual drama of the love story between two mentally ill people. It gives a fresh perspective on people who have mental disorders while letting you follow a cute romance between David and Lisa.

If you want to see David and Lisa it will be showing November 30 and December 1 at 7 p.m., December 2 at 2 p.m., and December 6, 7, and 8 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 for students with their ID Cards and $7 for adults.

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