Costumes display Foothill’s school spirit (11 photos)


Bethany Eckstrom

Students in pajamas pose during Monday's pajama fashion show. Credit: Bethany Eckstrom for the Foothill Dragon Press.
Students in pajamas pose during Monday’s pajama fashion show. Credit: Bethany Eckstrom for the Foothill Dragon Press.

There was energy in the air as students filed in to school Monday morning, looking much more unusual than on an average day.

Foothill is in the middle of its Associated Student Body’s annual Spirit Week. Students dress up in different daily themes and participate in various activities during lunch each day at school.

“They have a lot of creative ideas,” sophomore Sarah Scheinert said. “It’s different and you don’t get to do this every day,”

Monday’s theme was pajama day, Tuesday’s was jungle day, and Wednesday was Hipster/Band T-shirt day. After a board holiday on Thursday, Friday will finish off the week with tie-dye day.

“People are really into it here,” freshman Aaron Hooks said. “And they have really cool topics.”

As Monday’s kick-off for Spirit Week, many students showed up at school in their pajamas, sweatshirts, and other comfortable clothing, and enjoyed a lunchtime pajama fashion show. Several students and English teacher and Speech and Debate advisor Jennifer Kindred modeled their unique pajama styles in the show.

“We like to see the school unified around the event,” junior and ASB member Stephen Mariani said.

Lunchtime music is also being played for students throughout campus this week.

“I like dressing up. It brings the school together and it makes us unique,” junior Seychelle Kauffman said.

Credit: Bethany Eckstrom for The Foothill Dragon Press.

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