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The annual BioScience Olympics creates fun competition between cohorts

Audrey Yoong
On Nov. 17, 2023, the three cohorts of Bioscience came together to compete for the gold crutch in the annual Bioscience Olympics. This year’s first place went to Cohort 18, second place went to Cohort 19 and third place went to Cohort 20.
With Cohort 19 getting closer to Cohort 18 in the relay race, Ian Clayton ‘25 used his body to block Giancarlo Sacro ‘24 from getting to his graduated cylinder and filling it up with colored water. Cohort 20 was far behind after having complications while trying to strap a member of the group on a backboard. (Audrey Yoong)

On Friday, Nov. 17, 2023 the BioScience Academy hosted its annual bonding event, the BioScience Olympics. It happened after school from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., where all of the academy participated a competition of games and challenges.

BioScience consists of multiple branches based on grade; current sophomores are Cohort 20, current juniors are Cohort 19 and current seniors are Cohort 18. The three cohorts competed against each other by playing in multiple games and activities for the awards of first prize, “The Golden Crutch”, second prize, “The Silver Crutch” and third prize, “The Bronze Crutch.”

Sarah O’Neil ‘24 shared her feelings on the event, saying, “Every time it grows as more of a competition, but it’s not a rough competition, it’s a friendly competition and everyone works together.”

After winning the last round of Pictionary and solidifying their cohort’s spot in first place, Skyler Chaffey ‘24, Alfred “Mason” Borkowski ’24 and Mehtab Singh ‘24 embraced each other in celebration while members of Cohort 20 were devastated with the loss. (Audrey Yoong)

Shea Stevenson ‘26 stated her feelings on how the event brings BioScience together, “We [underclassmen] don’t usually bond with the upper cohorts, and this game is a chance to compete against each other for five hours and we got to know each other [better].”

All of the BioScience cohorts participated in multiple games including a Relay Race, Save the Baby, Jeopardy and Pictionary. Each game provides the opportunity to win points. There were breaks between each game to enjoy snacks and water.

BioScience Director Mika Anderson explained how the whole event was brought together, “It was set up by students in HOSA [Health Occupation Students of America], they are a part of the Bonding Olympics Committee and so they’ve been planning it … the biggest challenge was actually daylight savings times because it got dark a lot earlier than usual.”

The Relay Race consisted of carrying someone across a certain point, then filling up a beaker to five millimeters with dyed water, and then balancing five petri dishes on their head as they walked across, before they had to go through an obstacle course while on crutches.

During the scavenger hunt, members from each cohort tried to find and collect supplies in an attempt to save the baby. After several setbacks and minimal knowledge, Cohort 20 was finally able to save the baby with the help of other members from Cohort 18 and Cohort 19. (Audrey Yoong)

In Save the Baby, students had to run to grab a medical kit, and use the proper items for the procedure of save the baby. Jeopardy had multiple options for questions mainly about science, but there were a few about Anderson herself.

Lastly, in Pictionary the students had to draw out a certain medical term and their partner had to guess in time, bringing the energy up to an intense competition. Overall, Cohort 20 earned zero points, Cohort 19 earned 11,490 points and Cohort 18 emerged victorious, winning the Golden Crutch with 12,960 points.

As the night darkened and the event came to a close, the BioScience Academy left with strengthened connections and newfound knowledge, setting an exciting precedent for the rest of the school year.

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