“Daisy Jones and The Six”: The perfect transformation from book to screen


Alivia Baker

The popular book “Daisy Jones & the Six” about a band of friends was recently represented in a television series. Writer Ruby Jenkins reviews this new series below.

Ruby Jenkins, Writer

Lust, love, hatred and the 1970s: What’s a more perfect mix for Amazon Prime Video’s newest adaptation, “Daisy Jones and The Six?” The book by Taylor Jenkins Reid and limited series by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber have created any music lover’s latest TV obsession. 

The show starts in 1966 with the origins of The Dunne Brothers and Daisy Jones, although they don’t meet until later in the show. Daisy Jones (Riley Keough) is a certified wild child due to the absence of her parents for the large majority of her life. Daisy creates a life and name for herself on the Los Angeles Sunset Strip while The Dunne Brothers play humble gigs in their new band. Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin) is the lead guitarist and vocalist, ruling the band with an iron fist. In addition to the frontman, Graham Dunne (Will Harrison) plays backup guitar, Karen Sirko (Suki Waterhouse) is on the keyboard, Warren Rhodes (Sebastian Chacon) plays a skillful drummer and Eddie Roundtree (Josh Whitehouse) plays bass. The fan-favorite character, Camilla Alvarez (Camilla Morrone) completes the group after she starts dating Billy. 

The cast of “Daisy Jones and The Six” receives a standing ovation as they watch over the crowd. The utilization of lighting with the set design adds to the 1970s style. (CNN)

After The Dunne Brothers, now known as “The Six,” leave their hometown of Pittsburgh to become a real band on the Sunset Strip, they get tangled up in classic rock star problems—drugs and infidelity. Although this plot is notably cliche, the way in which Reid and the television developers portray their relationships brings the previously on-paper characters to life. 

With these new portrayals, the show and the book now have a stark contrast in some areas. From simply adding in new side characters to cutting out a main band member, many of the changes have been deemed unnecessary by fans. Many have noted the differences in scenes or settings, but the way Reid originally wrote the book allowed for a lot of imagination to be left to the reader. With the interview and dialogue-only format, the reader was able to create their own image and reality of the book. In the show, viewers can see how Reid herself imagined the book, rather than be left up to interpretation. 

If not for the plot, anyone looking for a new obsession should watch this show specifically for the fashion and set design. The flowy style of the 1970s mixes perfectly with the pop of color, showing how set designer Denise Wingate hit the outfits out of the park. As for the set design, seeing replicas of bars and clubs where bands such as The Byrds, Bob Dylan and Neil Young got their start added to the rise-to-fame story that “The Six” has. 

Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne sing a track off of the album, “Aurora.” They sing into the same microphone, hinting towards the tension-filled relationship they have throughout the show. In the background, Eddie Roundtree plays the bass and sings backup vocals while Warren Rhodes plays the drums. (UsWeekly)

Each character’s individual style is completely different, but their personalities match perfectly with what they wear. Daisy’s style consists of crochet tops, cut-off shorts and smudged makeup, fitting with her wild and free aura. To juxtapose Daisy, Billy wears denim button-down tops with a pair of classic bell-bottom jeans. Compared to the rest of the band, Billy’s style is sub-par, matching his attitude throughout the show. 

Since the book’s release in 2019, fans have noted the similarities between the Daisy/Billy plotline and the real-life couple, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham from the band “Fleetwood Mac.” When asked if Reid took inspiration from the stars for her own book, she stated that a live performance of “Landslide” in 1997 sparked her interest. “How it looked so much like two people in love. . . And yet, we’ll never truly know what lived between them,” emphasized Reid in a 2019 essay with Hello Sunshine. The show brings Reid’s vision to life, with all the twists and turns that a 1970s rock band is meant to have. 

With a few episodes left, this show has already achieved recognition on Amazon Prime Video. “Daisy Jones and The Six” rose to the most-watched show in the United States only a few days after its initial airing on March 3, 2023. There is no surprise here that the casting of these characters — specifically Keough as Daisy Jones — was nothing short of spectacular. There is simply no other person that matches the classic red hair and big blue eyes just like Keough does. After the book got popular on “BookTok” back in 2021, fans have been itching for the adaptation. The show created more readers and lovers of the book than ever before, “Daisy Jones and The Six” was even put back on The New York Times Best Sellers list. Anyone looking for a blast from the past or a new obsession should look no further than “Daisy Jones and The Six”.

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