Dragons get energetic at the “Secret Garden” dance


Cole Dinkler

Following the postponement of the “Hearts in Havana” dance originally scheduled for Feb. 21, 2023, Foothill Tech students jump energetically at the “Secret Garden” dance on March 24, 2023.

Maggie Lay, Reporter

After postponing the third dance of the school year, Foothill Technology High School’s (Foothill Tech) Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted a spring dance on March 24, 2023. The new theme was “Secret Garden,” and the decorations maintained a light spring feeling, with floral decor and pastel colors to capture the garden essence and look. 

Advertising and ticket sales for the postponed dance began on Feb. 21, 2023, but those who had bought tickets for the canceled “Hearts in Havana” dance did not have to buy another ticket. An additional contract for behavior was also necessary to receive entrance into the dance, requiring a signature from the student’s guardian. 

As the day of the dance arrived, students crowded around Spirito Hall where ASB had decided to hold the event. There were different concerns about this arrangement, but most of them consisted of the body heat emitted from the crowded mosh pit. King Avilez ‘25 said, “It was hot, very hot, a lot of bodies, a lot of sweat,” and Stella Jennings ‘25 added, “I like it. It’s warmer so it’s nice, but then it’s also steamy.” 

Students gather in Spirito Hall, adorned with whimsical, spring decorations, to dance to the popular beats of their favorite artists and celebrate the closing of the third quarter with their fellow classmates. (Cole Dinkler)

After more time passed, the dance floor got more crowded and students bonded over the music played by the DJ. The music was a hit at the dance and many of the students stayed on the dance floor all night. Karidee Higgens ‘25 said that the dance “brings people together over music,” showing the bonds students can make over enjoying their favorite artists and songs. 

In addition to the dance floor, students also had the opportunity to play a game of Mario Kart, found indoors by the moshpit, and a corn hole game, which was right outside the cafeteria. There were also refreshments available to the students who were thirsty, making the outside area a relaxing environment for students to cool off. 

Many students enjoyed the outside space, but some wished there was more to do aside from being inside Spirito Hall. Jennings said the dance could be improved with, “More outside activities because for some kids it can be kind of hectic and I think some people can get anxiety from being inside with the loud music.” This was a common concern also echoed by many students who wanted a break from the busy mosh pit. 

Although every student was required to have a behavioral contract signed, students still tried to crowd surf at the dance. This time there was no tolerance for the crowd surfing students, leading to one individual being kicked out in addition to the music being stopped whenever anyone attempted it. 

Though there were not as many people at this dance compared to those in the past, the night was lively and enjoyable. Students were dancing until it ended at 9:30 p.m., when everyone was then required to leave, allowing ASB to start cleaning up after the well enjoyed event. 

As the dance ended, students made their way to the exits, looking back at a very fun and vibrant night. As the third quarter comes to a close, students have made great memories they will never forget, the spring dance being one they will cherish. 

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