Introducing Dragon Athletics: Girls’ softball


Jenna Ostrom

Before the first pitch of each inning, the infielders of the softball team gather to exchange positive affirmations and high fives, keeping spirits high while playing defense.

Linda Manzo, Writer

Riding off the success from their 12-2 win over Carpinteria, the girls of the varsity Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) softball team provided a lively insight to the makeup of their squad. With players being included from each grade of high school, they shared about their family-like bond that has been implemented through their regulatory time spent on the field, as well as carried with them off the field and into their daily routine. Their dynamic of pure yet efficient chaos was evident through their excitement, overlapping chatter and historic record of 8-1. The girls cheerfully expressed their hopes and goals for the upcoming season as their first league game approaches. 

Jenna Ostrom
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