Inside the Lab: The impact of the BioScience Academy


Sofia Patiño

BioScience Academy seniors analyze petri dishes containing transformed fluorescent bacteria inside the biotechnology lab.

Sofia Patiño, Videographer

Sofia Patiño

The BioScience Academy fosters many opportunities for students at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) interested in pursuing biotechnology or careers in healthcare. Since the founding of BioScience in 2003, the academy has grown to over ten percent of the student population. BioScience Academy advisors, Mika Anderson and Daniel Baker share their experiences as advisors. “My favorite aspect of BioScience, not just as an advisor, but just as a teacher in general is feeling like I am teaching something meaningful,” Anderson expressed. Baker added, “I think BioScience is important to Foothill because it provides students with a real pathway.”

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