Recap: Boys’ soccer absolutely demolishes rivals St. Bonaventure


Lauren Kaller

On Jan. 7, 2023, a fierce battle with St. Bonaventure commences. A Foothill player quickly runs up to take a shot on goal, and opposing players watch nervously as he fires the ball towards their goalie.

Nisha Reddy, Reporter

On Jan. 10, 2023, the Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) Dragons kept their feet hot, crushing rivals St. Bonaventure with a cruel final score of 8-1. 

Before the kickoff, the team huddles together and listens to their coach’s advice. With a fierce holler, the starting players storm the field and get ready to face off against St. Bonaventure. (Lauren Kaller)

The Dragons recently lost their game against Cate on Jan. 7, so “we knew we had to bounce back quickly and take advantage of every opportunity we had,” said Merric Bayless ‘24. 

From the beginning of the game, the Dragons took the upper hand, slowly gaining momentum in order to secure a win and finish the blowout.  

Matheus Gamble ‘24 scored four goals, Bayless scored two goals, Santiago Knowlton ‘23 scored one goal, and Pedro Medrano ‘24 scored one goal. Assists came from Nico Flores ‘24, JP Flores ‘23, Mazen Alwarhani ‘23, Nathan Leedy ‘24, Ammar Atiah ‘26, and Nathaniel Nevarez ‘23. These assists and goals pulled the energy of the Dragons up high throughout the whole game, with nobody slacking, making the victory even sweeter.

Bayless commented, “Pretty early on we took a strong lead, but we didn’t fall off. We kept up the tempo and finished all of our chances, totally shutting down the other team.”

Their next game, against Bishop Diego on Jan. 11 similarly ended in a 5-3 win. Coming off of their back to back victories, the Dragons will go up against Dunn School on Jan. 17, and will seek to avenge their loss to Cate on Jan. 24.

Editor’s note: The photos in this article were taken at a different boys’ soccer match against Cate School at Ventura College.

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