Foothill Tech freshmen bond at “Fresh Snow Social”


Luigirey Guce

With excitement roaming around during Freshmen Friday, the Class of 2026 plays against each other in a competitive match of cornhole.

Ella Asher, Reporter

As holiday music filled the air, freshmen at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) were treated to a second connection event of the year on Dec. 9, 2022, hosted by the Associated Student Body (ASB). The event called the “Fresh Snow Social” provided games, raffle prizes and delicious treats to the Class of 2026 in an attempt to make our youngest of Dragons feel at home. 

In order to enter the event, freshmen had to give their raffle ticket to an advisor. Freshmen could participate in a variety of enjoyable games. A spin-the-wheel game offered holiday-themed prizes (i.e. holiday glasses, candy canes and stickers) if the wheel stopped on a prize section. Other games such as cup pong, corn hole and spike ball were also set up in the back of the quad. In addition to the entertaining games, students were offered delicious cupcakes. 

Despite the fact that the event was largely held in the back of the quad, freshmen were able to participate in competitions on the stage. In one of the competitions, students had to sit in a line while attempting to unwrap a gift in order to win a prize. Another competition required students to get an oreo from their forehead into their mouths. 

Tanvi Dasojeu ‘26 expressed, “I like the festive music that is playing, the raffle was really cute and the competition that they are doing for the unwrapping is really fun to watch.”

Towards the end of the social, Frank Davis, the assistant principal, pulled the raffle tickets and announced the lucky winners. Some of the prizes included a Santa hat, hot chocolate, a Santa squishmallow and even a Snapper Jacks sweatshirt. 

The freshmen were grateful for an event that was created just for them. Eileen Garcia-Orozco ‘26 commented, “I like how everybody is actually getting together, like all the freshmen. [Students enjoyed] fun games, cupcakes…everybody is having a fun time.” Foothill Tech’s ASB will continue their efforts to improve the connections students have with their school and each other. 

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