Trunk or Treat: A Halloween favorite hosted by Foothill Tech seniors


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On Oct. 31, 2022, both Foothill Tech students and staff dressed up in fun costumes to celebrate Halloween. They paraded these costumes around the school, their looks ranging from from the classic witch to a giant traffic cone. Pictured above, Principal Russell Gibbs, Assistant Principal Frank Davis and Assistant Principal Katie Tedford are all dressed as inflatable dragons to show their school spirit. They pose with math teacher Rick Villano and a few students also displaying their costumes.

Julia Brossia and Maggie Lay

After a relaxing fall break, Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) resumed its usual activities in addition to some Halloween festivities. On Oct. 31, 2022, Foothill Tech held its well-known Trunk or Treat, hosted by Associated Student Body (ASB) and generous Foothill seniors.

Trunk or Treat is a beloved annual tradition at Foothill Tech. It is an event where seniors with designated parking spots can decorate the trunks of their cars and hand out candy to any students who choose to participate. Students are allowed to wear their costumes at school, imitating the trick or treating that normally occurs on Halloween night with candy and costumes. 

The concept of trunk or treat originated with church groups, giving kids an opportunity to get their Halloween candy in a safe, closed environment. Halloween can be a dangerous holiday at times due to the nighttime celebrations and potentially untrustworthy candy. Foothill Tech gives high school students the opportunity to enjoy their candy with peers while knowing it is safe, as well as adding a fun and festive element to an otherwise normal high school day. 

The event began at lunch, when students of all grades flooded out of their classrooms and made their way towards the parking lot on the outskirts of the campus. Seniors who chose to give out candy were lined up with the trunks of their cars open, decorated and ready for the students. A variety of themes were displayed, ranging from Shrek to pirates to ocean-themed cars. 

ASB students monitored the area, making sure no one was harmed by moving vehicles and everything was running smoothly. The students strolled through the parking lot, enjoying the Halloween spirit and a variety of treats.

Ever since COVID, it was just sad because we didn’t have a trunk or treat and so as a senior, I was like, ‘I need to give back to my fellow students.’

— Ava West '23

Jasmine Guzman ‘23 and Danielle Bishop ’23 even brought piping hot waffles to give out. Many students excitedly crowded around the car to get a waffle before they ran out. “We weren’t sure these would do as great as they’re doing but everyone loves them,” Guzman exclaimed. 

Although Trunk or Treat was lively and enjoyable for most, some students voiced their concerns about a lack of preparation for the event. “I went late and a lot of people ran out of candy because I bet they didn’t assume for it to be as populated as it was,” stated Mahir Shyam ‘25. Lila Rosenthal ‘25 also shared her input for the next Trunk or Treat, saying, “maybe being more prepared for a lot more kids to come [would be helpful] because they ran out of candy.” 

Despite the struggles with preparation, the event was cheerful and there was a large turnout of students who participated. After having a week off from school, the Trunk or Treat was a great way to kick off the second quarter of the school year. 

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