The pros of college

Emilie Huovinen, Writer

We, as a society, have moved into a new era where almost every career option is dependent on a post-high school education in order to make a living wage. College has become less of a choice and to many, can even be considered a necessity.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a clear rate shows how higher education leads to not only higher wages but also lower unemployment rates. Those with a high school diploma and no further education make a weekly median of $712, while those with a bachelor’s degree make $1,173—an average of $461 in difference. The unemployment rate is even worse, with those with a high school level education having a 2% larger gap than others. 

Job security is also an important factor that is oftentimes forgotten to account for and if that is an important aspect to a person, then attending college will definitely help. So, while college is increasing in price and may seem impossible to pay for, as more news and statistics come out about college debt increasing in America, the long term effect of job security and higher wages can be worth the price.

Besides that, there are still many reasons why a person would choose to go to college.

For one, attending a university opens up a whole new world of opportunities. For the most part, going to college forces one to learn how to live on their own in an environment where they are not alone in doing so, therefore easing the transition to adulthood. It also allows for a person to make more connections that will be beneficial in any career path. Lastly, one of the most important opportunities that a person can gain is more career options. According to Northeastern University, “college graduates see 57 percent more job opportunities than non-graduates.” Going to college makes it more likely for a person to find a career that they will enjoy.

Whether that be more career options, making new connections or learning how to live on one’s own, there is no doubt that college can change a person’s perspective on the world. While it is not always the right path for everyone, it can most definitely help with the future.

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