Fun, festivities and friendships found at Freshman Friday


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During the Freshman Friday festivities, Nick Drucker ’26 prepares to send the spikeball into the net in hopes of scoring a point.

Ailanie Martinez, Reporter

On Sept. 8, 2022, Foothill Technology High School’s (Foothill Tech) class of 2026 were given an opportunity to mingle and bond through games, music and conversation during Freshman Friday. 

A section of the quad was closed off with caution tape, and students were required to show their wristbands or school ID to access different fun activities planned by the Associated Student Body (ASB). 

Putting us all together makes it easier to walk up to other people and say hello.

— Sadie Lagerquist '26

A game of Cup Pong with comically large cups quickly had crowds gathered around it, watching as players squared off against each other, balls flying around the area. 

There also was a prize wheel with a lengthy line, giving freshmen a chance to win a variety of prizes: YoYos, slap hands, Renaissance stickers, slap bracelets and even a shirt with a class of 2026 design on it. They could also get lottery tickets, entering them in a raffle to win a Foothill Tech water bottle. 

Next to the wheel was a Spikeball set, which was the most popular, and the matches swiftly became heated. Competitors scurried towards the flying ball, which nearly hit oblivious bystanders multiple times. 

Zaiden Archuleta ’26 eagerly aims the ball for the winning shot in a cup pong match against his friend. (Rihanna Samples)

ASB also set up a table where freshmen could sign their name on a graduation gown. It will eventually be given to one person in their class at the conclusion of their senior year. 

Jaylee Espinoza ‘26 said, “You see everyone in one place, so you can just talk to them or hang out.” Kloey Juarez ‘26 added to that, saying, “It feels less awkward to go to them because that’s the point of the event.”

The event ended with a Foothill Tech tradition: the water balloon toss. Partnered up, freshmen were tasked with tossing a water balloon to each other, but would be given prompts to make it harder. They had to dance before catching, throw backwards and throw the balloon as high as they could. 

Through activities, you can have fun and connect.

— Thomas Zermeno '26

Splashes of water eliminated teams, leaving only two teams. The final challenge was for both partners to turn around, not being able to turn until the balloon was thrown. Juarez and Zoey Watkins ‘26 won the game, excitedly cheering for themselves when the balloon was caught. 

ASB member Joshua Gelman ‘26 helped organize the event and commented on the importance of Freshmen Friday, saying, “ It’s a big step coming into high school. It’s good to know your peers.”

Naomi Schwartz ‘26 continued that thought, mentioning, “It’s a good opportunity to connect with your class for the next four years.” 

When the bell finally rang to signify the conclusion of lunch, the freshmen flowed from the area equipped with prizes, snacks and new friends. 

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