End of year awards help recognize deserving Dragons


Quinn Kennedy

Two juniors have a conversation about their achievements with teacher Rick Villano, while others around them are awarded ice cream for being exemplary.

Adler Striegel, Reporter

On Wed. June 8, 2022, the Associated Student Body (ASB) of Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) organized a recognition event for freshman, sophomores and juniors. The small ceremony was held during F.I.R.E. and lunch, and it served as a way to acknowledge students who have performed above and beyond.

The event commenced with math teacher, Richard Villano, presenting an award on behalf of the Society of Women Engineers, that recognized female students who demonstrated achievements in math and science. The award was presented to Camille Bisgard ‘23 and Sarah Stillman ‘23. 

Following this specialized award, the awards for various categories were presented to students of each grade. First, the awards for juniors were presented, then followed up with sophomores and finally freshman. 

The awards included: Most Achieved, Most Improved, Most Participatory, Most Inspirational, Hidden Gem, and Teacher’s Choice. Many students from each grade were selected by staff for each award, which consisted of a certificate and an ice cream distributed at the top of the stage. 

Principal Russel Gibbs hands a “Most Participatory” award to an eager student. (Quinn Kennedy)

ASB Advisor, Melanie ‘Captain’ Lindsey remarked how, “it’s just human nature to need to feel seen,” and,“when we can take a moment to just kind of pause and say hey we see you and know how hard you work it makes people feel good about themselves makes them willing to work harder.”

The rally was modeled after the Senior Only Academic Rally (S.O.A.R.), an event held in March that recognized graduating seniors. However, space is limited for all three classes, resulting in a need for three separate events. This was the original plan for the rally this year, but due to a multitude of circumstances, ASB decided to reroute and include the recognition for all three grades in one event. 

Camilla Lewis ‘25, who was awarded Most Participatory, remarked on the impact participating and sharing in class can have and how getting an award, “feels nice.”

As the year comes to an end, students are ready for summer and are glad to have been recognized for their hard work and dedication at Foothill Tech.

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